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Monday, March 17, 2014


We are sorry to report that we, and our sisters
are not ready for our debut.
We haven't even grown our whiskers yet,
and are waiting patiently for clothing and all
the goodies our creative mom has promised us.
And waiting is no fun.......
.....and gets mighty cold.....
I have been having back problems again on and off
since the beginning of January,
which has developed into full-blown sciatica.
In Germany it is called "Hexenschuss",
translated.........shot by a witch.
Actually it is more like lightening striking.
It is as nasty as it sounds,
and goes right down my "sewing machine pedal" leg.
So, all my babies have to wait a bit longer.
As I am grabbing my new best friend, my heating pad,
I am heading for bed.
Not the right way to start Spring.
I hope you have a far better and wonderful
beginning of Spring!
God bless,

Monday, February 17, 2014


After planning and planning,
waylaid by constant snowstorms,
we celebrated our Valentine's day luncheon.
This year my friends Laura (from 52Flea),
Paula, Kathleen, Carole Maynard (Maynard Greenhouse),
and a new friend,
sweet, petite Tovah Martin joined
me for this special occasion.
We missed our dear friend Debbie, who had other plans.
Oh, did we have fun!

Tovah visited for the first time, and I am looking 
forward to seeing each other in the future.
If the name rings a bell, we'll get to that later....

The table looked pretty in it's finery.
Tulips always make me happy,
a sign of things to come.

The table settings were simple...
the colors subdued.....

I do not have much talent when it comes to making things
from paper, and my writing is not very pretty.
(My friend Debbie writes like calligraphy)
Wish I could!
But I found this little birdie project on Country Living's
website with instructions.
I just added things to make them more personal.

My contribution were homemade cookies.
The gals always arrive laden with gifts, as you will see.

Lunch consisted of Cream of Asparagus Soup with
 sautéed shitake mushrooms,
Baked Salmon with Brown sugar and mustard crust,
red potatoes with creme fraiche and chives,
and Ina Garden's Corn and Avocado Salad.
Desert was an apple cake and a fruity chocolate Torte.
Unfortunately I did not get to take pictures,
but I saw the girls photographing.
Maybe they will have pictures on their blogs.

When my friends come, they come bearing gifts.
There is no way of stopping them.
They are the most giving friends,
and I don't mean only gifts.
They are there for each other and for me
whatever is going on.
Their love and caring, our sharing is to me
the biggest gift anyone could give!!!!!
I love them all with my whole heart.
And this is what Valentine's Day is all about.
The beautiful basket above was made by my friend
Carole Maynard.
I am in absolute awe.
There are more than 40 pieces of paper interlocking
to make this creation.
How does she do this?!
I love it!


Some of us had not exchanged Christmas gifts yet either.
So there was quite a flurry of activity.
Many beautiful and thoughtful gifts were exchanged.

Laura knows how much I love rabbits.
Yes, this pretty pillow cover from Pottery Barn will
soon find a special place in our home.
Ah, signs of spring.....

and Paula followed suit by giving me this
pretty Rabbit's Foot Fern,
gussied up in a beautiful container.
Kathleen made sure our tootsies stayed warm
with Valentine's socks packaged in a pretty heart box.

Oh, and if this was not enough joy,
Tovah gave me one of her absolutely beautiful books.
Tovah is an author of more than a dozen inspiring books
on gardening. She writes for many magazines, teaches,
and many of you will remember her as a garden editor
for Victoria magazine.

When I went to bed last night, I took the book with me.
I started to read and could not stop. It is not just giving you pictures of house plants and important information,
oh no, there is a story with every plant.
The are loved, and they have personalities.
I chuckled at the story of the asparagus fern.
This is definitely not just a plant book!
And there is Einstein, her cat.
Being a cat lover, I would love to see a whole book
on Einstein and his life with this lovely, creative woman.
I feel truly blessed to have her join us and making a new friend.
And with the winter woes, we all needed
a happy occasion.
Some of my friends made it up the driveway,
others had to walk.
This winter has not been kind to us here in the
Snow was flying fast and furious.
Wait for the same scene coming up.

The snow is over two feet deep with
many higher snow drifts.
Here it is now up to the railing.
There is furniture under all this white stuff....
hard to believe.
We are trying to get it off the roof.
This load scares me to death. So many roofs are
collapsing. We have a leak on the chimney cap membrane.
Something to be fixed after this mess.
 The bitter cold cracked it, and the crows
are helping themselves by pecking at the rubber.
What next !!!!

On the front deck there are big window boxes
under the snow.
You can guess where they are?

My deer is frozen into the snow and ice.
The real ones have a hard time walking through the snow
and finding food.

And this weird crater is our version of mount Vesuvius.
Actually this is a tree stump way under there.

Remember where the snow was in the picture before.
This was after the storm, oh, and we will get
another 4 to 6 inches tomorrow.

So, with this in mind, I will be heading for my bed early
with Tovah's book and dreams of plants and spring.
All my plants are at hubbies office for the winter.
Our home gets too dry and warm.
He takes good care of them, but I
cannot wait to get reacquainted.
I think by now most of the country is yearning for spring.
Happy dreams!
God bless,

Sunday, January 19, 2014


During the holiday season, hubby and I
took a trip to Pennsylvania,
in search of something that I have been looking for
 for good five years.
The beautiful, embroidered, fine antique wool fabric,
 I use on many of my creations.
It is VERY, VERY hard to find and can be quite pricey.
It was TIME to hit the road.
After we had exhausted all the other areas around us
(and yes, I have been on E-bay too many times),
we thought of Adamstown, in P.A.
It claims (and I swear it probably is) to be the
Antique Capital of the country.
We allowed for a three day journey, and I believe we
went to every antique store or mall in the vicinity.
First we went to Renninger's in Kutztown.
Lots of fun !!!!!
After that off to the Zionsville Antique Mall.
I literally and figuratively got lost in that
wonderful mall.
I spend hours finding great things,
alas, not what my heart desired most.
No matter, it was just the first day....
By the time I got through it all, it was 9:00 PM,
and time to leave.
We stayed in nearby Readding.
The next morning we had a big breakfast to make sure
we had the strength for all the antiquing to come.
And since it was right across from the Marriott,
we went to McDonald's.
Well, I have NEVER been so surprised!
It was not your average décor, oh no.
It was done really interesting,
starting with neat clocks all over the walls......

.....all the light fixtures were unusual......

I loved the art pottery.
Every piece I could have taken home.

Searching for the "little girls room",
was another surprise.
Stars everywhere !!!!1

Even in the Ladies Room,
topiaries to boot.
Nothing like this in our area, or anywhere else I have been.
Anybody out there have anything like this?
Just one other interesting experience while traveling.
But the search for the elusive fabric was still on.
We ended up in Adamstown.
You really need time to see it all.
We went from place to place, and nothing.....
I was about to give up....
After I had nearly done all of the last mall, I came upon
two booth filled with the most charming
antique dolls clothing,
 and everything to do with antique dolls.
Other antique items were mixed in as well,
 and after some looking, in a corner, on a rack,
tightly pushed together,
there they were.
Seven skirts ( this used to be under ware).
I could not believe it!!!!
And I must confess,
tears came involuntarily.
I was that happy.
While checking out, the lady behind the counter told
me that the owner of the booth had another location
in Adamstown.
We scooted over there (almost closing time)
and here we found this charming little village.
It brought back memories of Germany.
It is off the road a bit, and we would not have found it easily.
We met the owner of the shop, a charming lady,
who informed me that she had more of the woolen skirts, etc.
I should come back the next day.
And that we did!
But first a little stroll through this cute village setting....




Loved all the wrought iron work.

Hubby and I felt at home.
I think he wanted to move there.

We went to have lunch at the Black Angus,
which is right across through the arch.
There is a restaurant, not fancy, but with great food.
You can actually see them bake breads and
other goodies.
Of course we brought 5 different breads home with us.
Delicious !!!!
They also sell cheese.

Outside there were pretty murals.

And so, strengthened, we went back to my favorite shop
Plum Pudding Antiques Etc.
Janet Diefendorf, the owner,
greeted us warmly, and she was not kidding....
she had lots more wonderful clothing,
all with embroidery, lace, tucks etc.
She had been up late the night before washing
 and ironing it all.
How sweet is that!
While I got to choose from all the goodies
she had hung carefully on racks in the garage,
the hubbies were talking.
I felt like a kid in a candy shop.
Nothing like this has ever happened before.
I bought much, much more.
Janet, thank you so very, very much !

It will make its way into my new creations.
(All the dolls you see on this blog are spoken for)
So many of you love these fabrics,
and now I can make new things again.
Here are some of them....
They take my breath away....
To think people actually wore these pretty things under clothing.




I hope you enjoyed coming along.....
I am inspired, and am working on the next "babies".
I'll let you know when...
I wish you happy winter month.
Stay healthy and warm.
God bless,

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Welcome to our holiday home this year.
I have only decorated a few rooms.
There has been very little time to get it all done,
but I am happy and in the mood.

The weather here in the North-East has
certainly made us feel like it is winter,
even though it is still fall.
Snow has been falling, and between the two storms
we were up to twelve inches.
We are expecting warmer weather,
but I think we will still have a white Christmas.

Along with children and grown ups,
even dollies are waiting for Santa to come.

So here is a little tour of how I made our home feel like



My snow people are feeling perfectly happy in this weather.

Sheep are warm in their woolly coats.......

....and mom is holding her baby close to keep her warm.

Owls have nested again.
This time in the entrance foyer-breakfast room.....

......and sweet books are there to read.

The living room is light and airy.
(Light makes me happy)

Santa is on his way with his reindeer.
Wonder what he will bring?

The mantel a bit different this year.
The little stars dangling from the twig star
spell "wish".
We have only one wish this year
I believe that is the most important thing.
Everything else will follow.
Our beautiful Frazier fir tree is a bit different  this
year too.
I used chandelier crystals, icicles, birds, nests,
stars and shimmering bird cages.
The tree sparkles and glistens.

A little snow girl made by Pat Castka
is bearing a gift.

I never realized how many different trees I had.
It truly made a virtual forest.....

....with a cute chalet.

And of course my pillow, inspired by a Pottery Barn version
a few years ago.
Last winter I made this cutie.
I actually kept her.
(Paula love, you will have to wait a little longer)



One of my earlier, and larger snow gals.
I love the beautiful antique fabric I used
for her dress.

The porch looks pretty for winter.
I love crows.
Don't ask me why, I just do.
The are actually very funny. I feed them scraps and it is
amusing how they all interact.
So needless to say, I collect vintage decoys.
At a show recently, I got to talk to a customer who bought
one of my crow dolls.
She loves them as much as I do.
She told me an interesting thing.
When a crow passes away, they all mourn.
Did not know that.

Mine look quiet happy sporting their new ribbons.


I recently purchased these
candy canes made from wire and fabric.
When I put them into the jar, they made this


Natural, light and airy with some glitter.
I like it!


Our sons favorite Santa.
Made many moons ago, and still loved so much.

I purchased this sweet little angel a long time ago.
Don't remember the artists name.
It is a tiny treasure.


My wish for everyone...
May angels guide you and keep you safe.

I like to wish everyone happy holidays.
May all your wishes come true in the new year.
 Most of all, we wish for peace on earth.
May the wars stop, and all serving our country
return safe and sound.
God bless,