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Friday, October 26, 2012


I am wishing you all a
safe and happy
We are expecting a very bad
It will make things go bump in the night!
Scary things are going to happen.
I could do without it!
I wish for ghost and goblins to
make hast and leave as soon as possible.
Will post after the MAYHEM.
God bless,


  1. My dear Evi,
    I pray for you ,and all others ,that thedamages will be at a minimum, and hope you will stay safe.
    Your pumpkin lass, is adorable, LOVE her "hands" How do you think of something like that dear? So wonderful,with her stick-man, and bag :-) so precious Evi.
    Please take care and be safe in the storm.
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  2. Will keep our fingers crossed Evi. We're in the possible path too just a little further inland.
    Love your little miss especially those delightful hands.
    Stay safe.
    Susan x

  3. That's really cute. Love it.
    It's been windy here. Last night we had a tin can blowing around in the street outside. VERY annoying. xx

  4. Yes Evi we heard that there is a storm coming your way. Batten down the hatches..... We are expecting heavy rains this way starting Mon and into Wed. Going to be a wet one for the trick and treaters.
    Oh what a beautiful creation. What a talented artist...

  5. Yikes, I'm scared! This storm has changed lots of plans...including our get together...we will re-schedule! Love your Halloween doll!! :)

  6. Happy Halloween to you too Evi.
    I cross my fingers and pray that it won´t be too bad for you with the storm coming up. It´s always so scary.

  7. Love your doll aso, take care Evi and let me know how you come out after the storm has passed. Hugs Mary

  8. I hope that somehow this storm passes you but have doubts. Just sending good thoughts for safety and keeping electricity!!

  9. Stay safe..I'm worried about my girl in NYC.. All of you stay safe and check in and let everyone know soon after it passes K?

  10. Dear Evi, those little hands are so clever! She is adorable, dressmaker detail where ever you look....hope the storm will pass by without too much havoc! Take care, N.xo

  11. Your creations are always very fun and sweet, Evi! Now, please be cautious with this storm heading your way. I will be thinking of you and all my friends along the coast.


  12. Your halloween doll is gorgeous, such beautiful work you do.
    I wish you safety during this storm it's really scary I know.
    Please take care.
    Hugs Rosemary...

  13. Wie geht es euch, liebe Evi........hoffentlich war der Sturm nicht so schrecklich wie befürchtet?! Wir haben zum Glück nur Schnee........ein sehr früher Wintereinbruch, aber nicht ungewöhnlich in Bayern ;)! Die Bäume sehen traurig aus unter der Schneelast und viele Äste sind abgebrochen, aber ich denke, dass es doch nochmal etwas wärmer wird! Mir tun nur immer all die Wildtiere so leid, für sie war es ein sehr abrupter Wechsel. Dir und all deinen Lieben herrliche Wintertage und eine wunderschöne Zeit,

    alles Liebe, bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  14. The rain and wind have picked up this afternoon...it is getting scary!
    Love your doll!!

  15. Hab vorhin in den Nachrichten ausführlich gehört, wie schlimm der zu erwartende Sturm bei euch sein soll.........oh weh, das hört sich sehr beängstigend an, liebe Evi!!! Ich werde ganz fest an euch denken und wünsche euch viele Schutzengel, die auf euch aufpassen und dass es hoffentlich nicht so schlimm wird, wie befürchtet!!!

    Alles Liebe, bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  16. Thinking of you, Evi. Praying all will be safe for you and your family and all our friends in the path of this terrible storm........Sarah


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