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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Spring is the time for rebirth and new beginnings.
After some trying month, lots of medical tests
and care, I am feeling much better.
And so I am also starting a new cycle of rebirth,
of new beginnings.
A heartfelt thanks goes out to all my blogger friends
for their well -wishes and patience.
Thank you all for not giving up on me and checking
in from time to time.
And as this little birdie is ready to nest again.......
so am I.

Because I seldom do things half way,
I thought why not start nesting with a very
BIG project, our downstairs bathroom !!!!!
As you can see, it was definitely stuck
in the sixties......all yellow etc., yack!
We made do for many (way too many) years.

So I thought I share the process.
This is the beginning of a wonderful endeavor.
I have been dreaming about this for so long.

Our wonderful plumber and carpenter at work
tearing it all apart.
They have a lot ahead of them, while I day dream
of things to come.
There are many issues to overcome,
a fairly low ceiling, the right drainage, and expanding
the new tub in to the garage.

So, I will take you on a journey and hope
that you will enjoy the end result, which
I will share with you in the coming weeks.

Here is to nesting and a wonderful Spring
to you all !

God bless,


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Enjoy and God bless,