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Thursday, May 17, 2012


We have been working very hard.
Spring is always such a busy time, cleaning up in the garden.....
cleaning out the attic....what a mess.
So what is nicer, than a relaxing bath, filled with the scent of
lavender, rosemary, lovely bubble bath and fragrant soaps.

This antique English bath tray is the perfect vehicle to
carry all the essentials for a relaxing time.
I often add a favorite magazine or book to make it
even more special.

Lovely natural soaps.

I have never been able to open this soap.
The packaging is just too lovely!
I keep lots of bubble bath close at hand in pretty
glass containers. Love the edging on this one.

Funky bath sponges and a soft chamois
leather ring to exfoliate are in this pretty jar.
The chamois is as soft as butter.

Some of my collection of bathing thermometers.
Most are from Germany, and yes, they still work
just fine, but in Celsius.

My favorite bubble bath...
Lilly of the Valley.
That does not surprise me at all,
since my birthday was last Sunday, and they
are the flowers for the month of May.

Another pretty wrapped soap.
Isn't she sweet!

I treasure this pretty nightgown that
once belonged to my Mom.
Her name was also Eva.
Her middle name Marie-Louise.
So, I became an Eva-Maria with lots of nick names....
Evi, Evchen, Evemie, and many more......
Evi being my favorite.

I adore old hangers.

Well, I now feel soooo relaxed after my bath....
time for a much deserved nap.
To all my blogger friends.... take time for a bubble bath,
smell the roses [or Lilly of the Valley],
or just take a brake and appreciate and enjoy life.

God bless,