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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Special Announcement !

This doll is sold.

I will be at the

Chester's 37 th Annual


September 11th & 12th, 2010

9 AM - 5 PM

in Chester, New Jersey, 07930

Learn more about Chester, NJ at


My space is in the field .... G 4....

I will have dolls, pumpkin dolls and
Christmas dolls for sale.

Hope you can join me there!

For further information please send me an e-mail.

God bless,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Hallie Ween and Zeke Dragonwick

Please meet Miss Hallie Ween and Zeke Dragonwick.

These two have been inseparable ever since
they met at the pumpkin patch Harvest Ball.

Miss Hallie is known for her kindness
and sweet demeanor.

Her face is embroidered and painted.

She is sporting a hat made from paper
adorned with ribbon rosettes.

A vintage lace ruffled collar graces her neck.

Hallie is 18 1/4" tall.

She is wearing a skirt made of very fine
antique fabric in a soft white and cream and
beige print.

The top of her skirt is pale beige antique cotton.

She is wearing a wired underskirt.

Miss Hallie Ween is attached to her hand-painted stand.

Her jacket is made from black antique fabric.

To give her jacket extra panache,
she tied ribbons around her waist and
topped it off with a double rosette.

She is carrying a hand-made paper lantern
to guide her.

Her price is $259.00 plus shipping and handling.

Miss Hallie is SOLD.

Thank you!

It is clear to all that these two are meant for each other!

Zeke Dragonwick is a very fine fellow.

Always charming and gallant.

His face is embroidered and painted.

He wears a hat made from fabric and paper
and a feather to make it extra special.

His pants are cotton.

Mr. Dragonwick always carries his watch,
which he inherited from his grandfather.

Zeke makes sure he is never late for a date
with Miss Hallie.

He is attached to his hand-painted stand
and is 17" tall.

Zeke is wearing a jacket made from fine off-white wool.

His vest is made from antique cotton with a charming print.

It has many little wooden buttons and at the neck
he wears a jabot made from a little old lace.

This is "Rascal", his little shaker.

The bells announce Zeke's arrival.

Zeke Dragonwick is $ 259.00 plus shipping and handling.

Zeke has been Sold.

Thank you!

One more look at the lovely pair.

I hope you enjoyed meeting the young lovers.

Thank you and God bless,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cupboard Treasures

Long ago I purchased this wonderful hanging cupboard.

As most of our furniture, it is antique " scrubbed" pine.

It is from Sweden and holds treasures I love.

I have combined new and old.

The little pudding molds and the old vinegar
bottle belonged to my Grandmother.

It reminds me of her, since she raised us for many
years while my Mom was sick.

I remember fondly the puddings she made.

I always watched as she carefully turned them
out onto the plates.

Under the savoy cabbage shaped dish is a
wonderful vintage shortbread cookie mold.

Each baked cookie is a heart.

Shortbread cookies are one of my top favorite cookies!

This little cloche was given to me by my
friend Laura from ...52 Flea.... last Christmas.

It holds a little dolls tea service, very sweet!

Peeking out from the bowls is a little
"Rosenthal" rabbit my Aunt once brought me
from Germany.

My love for rabbits is well-known!!!!

This antique little serving dish is darling.

The hand-painted plates are charming, love the little
bees since my hubbies nickname for me is BEE.
He says, I remind him of a very busy bee.

The antique eggcup holds a vintage green glass Christmas ornament.

The soup terrine looks like cauliflower and is always
a conversation piece when I use it.

On the top shelf are antique little chocolate cups
and two old German souvenir eggcups holding
glass eggs.

Many of the other dishes were purchased at "Homegoods"
and other interesting shops.

The little pewter pitcher holds coin silver spoons
and an antique tea strainer that are family heirlooms.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my cupboard.

God bless,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Ladies Society For The Preservation Of Grace And Etiquette

May I introduce.......

two of the members of

"The Ladies Society For The Preservation
Of Grace And Etiquette".

Say hello to
"Mademoiselle Noella Couture".

I took this picture in "Macro" setting,
which unfortunately distorted the fabric somewhat.....
but you can see the details of her face well.

If you are able to enlarge to a big picture
the lines will disappear.

Mademoiselle is known for her impeccable
and exquisite taste.

Her fashionable bag is
adorned with jet beads.

Her skirt is made from antique fine cotton fabric.

The jacket is antique soft white linen.

Her belt is made from black vintage seam binding
trimmed with a rosette in the back.

Noella's face is painted and embroidered.

Her nose is needle-sculpted.

The hair is soft medium blond curly sheep's wool.

Her hat is tied with a loose bow which has little
black berries attached.

The linen jacket sports tiny black jet buttons.

Noella is 21 1/2" tall.

She comes with a stand, but she can also sit.

Mademoiselle Noella Couture's price is $ 269.00
plus shipping and handling.

Mademoiselle Noella Couture has been SOLD.

Thank you.

Please meet Lady Gabriella Beauford.

This lovely lady is wearing an antique straw hat.

It is trimmed with vintage velvet flowers and ribbon.

Her sweet face is embroidered and painted,
her nose needle-sculpted.

She is wearing a fabulous vintage cotton
and lace skirt over a wired petty coat.

The pretty top is made from antique shirting
which is lined in cotton.

It is trimmed with a bow and rosettes
made from vintage seam binding.

The little handbag is made from
straw-fabric lined in the jacket fabric.

This back view shows the hat

Gabriellas hair is hand-dyed reddish-brown
sheep's wool.

Gabriella is 22 1/4" tall.

Lady Beauford comes with a stand, but can also sit.

Gabriella's price is $ 269.00 plus shipping and handling.

Gabriella has been SOLD.

Thank you!

A last look at my fair ladies as the bid you adieu!

I hope you enjoyed the members of the "Ladies Society".

Thank you and God bless,


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Fun

Steps lead up from the driveway through a small arbor
up to the entrance deck of our home.

On the left is a gate .................

.... that brings you to our special oasis.

On these very hot and sticky summer days
we really enjoy our little paradise......our pool.

It is by no means a big pool. No water slides here,
no fountains to splash in................

It is a place to unwind, watch grandkids play,
read a book, or just sit and chat with a
cold drink in your hand........
and of course take a dip, swim a bit and
feel refreshed and invigorated.

The changing cabin lets you get out of a wet bathing suit
unless you are skinny dipping.

A gazebo draped in a wisteria vine is another place
to relax.

Everything you see here was done by Ebbie.

I have a wish and the idea,
he has the know-how and the willingness
to fulfill my dreams.

Thank you with all my heart, my love.

Hubbies next project is to make a table, so
that we can eat here.

To the left of the gazebo is our porch.
It lets you get to the pool also from there.

This little beauty is a hydrangea called Shooting Star.

It graced our table inside in the cold winter month
and is enjoying living by the pool this Summer.

Hope you enjoyed a day at the pool.

God bless,