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Monday, February 25, 2013


My dolls made it all the way to Italy,
well in pictures anyway.
Sweet Susanna of
was kind to do a post of my "babies".
Have fun checking it out.
Thank you Susanna for your thoughtfulness!
God bless,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


There are times in our lives where we need
to sit back and reflect.
This is our time to do that.
 We had a very bad medical scare in our family.
It has made us sit up and take stock.
It made us be thankful for second chances,
and it made us grateful that we are still
all together.
It makes you realize that small things are not
all that important.
It makes you thankful that the worst has not happened.
And most of all, it teaches you to make
the most of every day,
to love each other and life.
Plainly said...
don't sweat the small stuff.

The snow makes me feel quiet.
It makes me feel secure inside,
being alone with my thoughts.
And life can be beautiful!




It snowed again after the last snowstorm.
This time some of the flakes were as big as the palms
of my hand.
Incredibly beautiful!

There is a fairytale by the brothers Grimm
about Frau Holle.
When she fluffed up her feather bed,
it snowed beautiful snowflakes.
This reminds me of it.

The snow was heavy and wet.
Truly a winter wonderland.

The black of the crows looks pretty
against all the snow.

So magical.


Next month is spring,
all this will be a memory,
With spring will come renewal and hope.
Hold your loved ones tight,
let them know that you love them.
God bless,

Thursday, February 14, 2013


A little birdie told me
that he loves me.
Thank you honey!

Aren't they beautiful?!
Happy Valentines Day
to everyone.
Hope you all feel loved
and cared for!!!
God bless,

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I can't decide if I am dealing with living with a
bathroom that reminds me of a green pea,
or an annoying green hornet.
I guess, it is a bit of both.
We embarked on the remodel of this little half bath
next to the bedroom.
Actually there was meant to be a bathtub in this room,
but the first owner of our home,
(we are the third),
decided that she needed a closet for her dresses more
than a bathtub, and reversed it....so that space it is now in the hall.
I would have preferred the tub, but we have lived with
it so many years, that it will stay the way it is.
Nonetheless, some things really needed updating.
The toilet needed to be turned a 90 degree angle....
and who knew, that a "little" change like that
could entail two days of work from our plumber
and empty our wallet.
But it needed to be done.
When your knees hit the vanity, you know there is a problem.
All in all, it served us well, but it is time for a change.

It is all torn apart now, and work is being done as I write.
We are doing a new color scheme, and are going
with grey and white.
We picked a vanity from the
Martha Stewart collection at Home Depot,
and things that went with it.

I am going with polished nickel for the faucet, lamp,
and towel holders, etc.
I LOVE this faucet from Martha.....
problem is, the write-up about the quality is NOT good.
So, the search is on for another polished nickel faucet.
 I am staying with the light fixture, only two lights though.
This looks like brass, but is polished nickel too.

This is the picture on the box of the vanity.
This looks distorted. Top and bottom measurements
are the same.
I am using tile like shown in the picture on our floor,
and there will be bead board halfway up.
It will be nice to get away from all the green.
With all of this, I am sewing,
because next week I will post some rabbits.
(More about that soon) 
My back does not allow me to sit sewing for
hours as I usually do....still sciatica problems.
And most of all....
there is our little Lulu!
I like to thank you all for your kind words,
and helpful advice.
Lulu is a treasure!!!!
She is still hiding a lot during the day,
but now the couch which has a skirt,
is her favorite hang-out.
She lets us cuddle her and purrs like crazy,
but she still does not let us pick her up.
We respect her wishes.
She does start to play with us.
We bought her a scratch stand with a round disk
which holds a ball that rolls in a track.
So, she is on one side pushing it, and I am on the other.
I'd say, that this is a huge improvement from
two weeks ago.
She seems to play like a crazy girl all night,
but stays with her toys, not my "stuff".
When things settle down a bit, I will visit everyone again.
Until then, thank you for giving me hope
that things will change with Lulu.
As we are waiting for the approaching super snowstorm,
I keep telling myself, that next month is spring.
So whats a "little" snow....
I wish you a wonderful weekend!
God Bless,