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Monday, January 30, 2012


.... a trip or group excursion for the purpose
of firsthand observation or to gain firsthand

We did just that, we went antiquing to further
our interest, and of course (with some luck)
acquire more than just knowledge....

The tin man greeted us at the entrance
to this mall.

Most of the antiques were Early American.
I was looking for something in the
French-Nordic Style.
We basically "struck" out.
Still, we had a good time, and it was educational.

I liked this grain-painted cupboard.

This was used in a barbershop in
New York city to warm towels.
Quite interesting.

Hubby fell in love,
and is still toying with the idea of owning this.

This is too cute!!!
I should own this!!!!

I cannot imagine pushing these around!

He looks well-loved.

Don't know what this was used for,
but I liked it.

The wickerwork was interesting
on this flower basket.

Loved all the little drawers.

Neat grain-painted corner cabinet.

This champagne bucket should have come home with me!

An absolutely lovely frame.

As much as I like to look at this stove,
I am happy that I do not have to cook on it.

After the mall, we visited other antique stores.
In one store, the shop owner was sitting at this table
cutting the most wonderful, three-dimensional
paper flowers.
No two were alike!!!! Just like snow flakes.
I want to go back and purchase some.
I have NEVER seen anything so intricate!!!!
I LOVE them!!!

We purchased some smaller items, which
I will share with you in my next post.
I came away happy.
It was a fun excursion.
We already picked the next
field trip.

God bless,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


oh, you must be thinking....
here she goes again...

There are two very good reasons...
first of all, my friend Carole Maynard
of Maynard's Greenhouse
walked me (over the phone) thru the process
of changing my photos into a larger version.

The poor girl had to deal with a computer-
challenged "me". But she got me there.
I am sooooo happy.
Carole love, I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!

And today my computer tech came and up-graded
everything for good an hour.
Boy, he was busy. I had three lists.

Alot of things look different now, so I have to get
used to the changes.
That is one reason for this particular post.
I am trying out what I have learned.

Second....I could not believe my eyes yesterday.
Hubby came home from work with a gift.
He found this stand and basket
at the curb for pick-up.
I still cannot believe it!!!!!
Now, normally he would not stop for anything
unless I was with him and made him stop,
threatening him, if he did not stop, I would no longer
cook or bake, ha ha.
(By the way, this works every time.)
And you know what they say about love going
thru a mans stomach.

But he knew I had just done the post on wire ware
and thought that I might like it....
and so, my second reason for this post.

Here is the basket in all its glory.
How could anyone get rid of it.

I started to play around.

Right now I have it decorated with
Narcissus and paper mache eggs
in a nod to spring just around the corner.

And here it is with some pretty dishes.
But what I have in mind, is the basket
filled with moss and twig balls,
 ferns or flowers.
The hunt is on...

And this is the stand.
The top was missing, or maybe
they had the basket on this stand.
I don't know, nor care...
I am in finders heaven.
Hubby will make me a top for it
and it will find a special place in the garden.

Honey, thank you,
you have my heart!!!!

God bless,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Wire ware....it is intriguing,
charming and addictive......
playful or utilitarian............
it is impossible to stop at one piece.

Whether old or new, it does not matter, we are hooked.
I like to show you some of what I have collected over the years.
Some are antique, some vintage and some are new.
I love it equally!

Here is a beautiful dress form
in its original version....

and here it is all dressed up.

I am not sure if this is vintage.
It spells 1901, but I think it is
a reproduction.
I fill it with hand towels.

This is a very useful antique basket
which in this case holds toilet paper
in easy reach.

One of my favorite baskets, holding decorative soap.
Oh, they smell sooo good.

Another vintage basket, useful in the kitchen.

This is absolutely charming.

What this cloche usually holds,
changes with the seasons.

Both these cloches were gifts from my
friends Laura@52flea and Paula.

In this sweet "purse" I collect
most of my vintage red pincushions.

The little hanging strawberries were made
by my cousin in Germany. At a very special birthday
every guest got a set as a gift.
 What a nice thing to do to remember a special day.


and new trivets.

I adore this one....and often wonder how
they attached this plate in the middle.



The birdie does not belong to this wonderful top hat.
I think he needs to be there.

Two playful interpretations....

This antique eggcup holds an
antique egg with advertising on it.
It opens up.

Even the flowers are made from wire.

Look at this intricate rim...lovely!

This basket was given to me by my friend
Laura@52 flea one year.
I filled it with  "water" balls made from stone.
They were made to be used to filter water...
so I was told.
 Seems to me, they could
 have been used as ballast on a ship.
Does somebody in blog land know
the real story?

Unfortunately this soap holder does
not fit any of my bathtubs.

A vintage garlic basket.....

.......I keep shallots in it.

These are collapsible little baskets.

They are antique and have wonderful
artistic patterns.

This, I believe, is a feeder for horses
given to me by my friend Paula.
I think it makes a great cloche!

This hanging rack is special.
It has a fine delicate weave on the top.

French market basket, very useful.

Another gift from Paula.
Of course I had to dress it up...
and of course it had to have birds.
I think it came with one...who then needed
a mate.

And you might remember this urn from
my Christmas post.
It held  a little Christmas tree.

I find it practical for my magazines
and it will end up in the summer
planted with herbs or flowers.
It was my big bargain at $25.00

I hope you enjoyed my collection.

 I wish you happy and warm
winter days.

God bless,