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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Happy Easter!
Wishing you all happy holidays
shared with loved ones.
There is a bit of turmoil in my life right now.
Blogging, responding to mail and comments
had to be put on the back burner,
but I want you all to know, that I appreciate
everyone of you!
I will get back to "normal" soon.
Meanwhile, I thank you from my whole heart.
God bless,

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I am starting with the good news.
My blogger friend, Suzan Stoddard
who's blog
had a give-a-way recently.
I was one of the lucky winners
of this wonderful book.....
Look how beautiful it was wrapped!!!
But I was too nosy.
Off came the pretty ribbon...
and the charming decal and paper.....

........and there it was......
"Where Woman Create"
Book of organisation.
In my entire life, I have truly NEVER won anything.
You can imagine how exited I was!
The book is wonderful,
and will be great inspiration to me,
as I will try to organize my studio.
Tons of things to go through.

These are just a few of the charming pictures of
Suzan's studio.
That gal has it all together!!!!
She is always weeding out and organizing.
She will be my muse.

Don't you just love it?!
And now to the bad news....
from Thursday evening on, and all day Friday
it snowed, and snowed.....
15 inches, or 38 Centimeters.
It was very wet and VERY heavy snow.
Hubby had to pull it off the roof for fear of damage.

The bench looks like it got cushions.....
just needs a few throw pillows....

The railings are snow capped.... 

while Teddy is snuggled in furry cushions
and staying warm.

The lantern became the "incredible snowball".

And the screens in the porch became curtains.
The snow stuck to everything,
making it look quite beautiful.
As it stands right now,
I am SICK of the snow
and am yearning for rabbits to frolic
in our meadows....
and spring flowers to bloom.
For us East Coasters, it has been a rough winter.
I am hoping that we will be rewarded for all this misery
with a most beautiful season to come!
Sending  you all warm greetings.
God bless,

Friday, March 1, 2013


A lot of people have read about me by now.
My name is Lulu, or as my new mom and dad
affectionately call me....
Can't say that I am thrilled about that,
 but you get the picture....
I love mice....my toy mice.

I have LOTS of them.
Not only do I have lots of toy mice,
but my mom and dad told me their last kitty cat
was called Mouse,
and they loved him very much too.
He supposedly looked a lot like me...
in a boy-kind of way,
all greys, white and a little brown thrown in,
hence his name Mouse.
Above is an old picture of him.
I guess he was cute too.

As I said before,
I am not too thrilled about the "mouse" part,
but my new parents can call me whatever they want,
because they love me soooo much.
They play with me and with my wonderful toys......
they laugh when I stalk things.....

enjoy watching me watching birdies and squirrels.
( I am going to be an inside cat,
safe from all the bad things in the woods)

They know when I need a cuddle, like right now....
and they think, I am so darn cute,
that they spoil me.
So, I have decided not to live under the couch anymore.
I only go there when I get scared, which still happens.
I visit my mom while she is sewing, because she is
in the room right next to me.
I love watching her, and she talks to me softly
and even sings to me.

She has an antique picture of a kitty from very, very long ago.
That picture was here, way before they found me.
Don't you think, I was meant to live here.
She looks just like me.
I sleep most of the day and play mostly at night...
I guess I am a night owl.
I dream of my life before they found me.
I was always scared, and hungry and felt so alone..
I dream about the spiral thing that my humans
walk up and down on.
Soon I will be brave enough to follow them upstairs
I wonder what it is like up there.
Mom and dad tell me it is wonderful with lots
of windows to look out of.
But before I check that out, I need a little more courage.
This was then.....
The 24th of January was the most important day
in my young life.
It is the day that I hit the jackpot and got adopted.
Oh, I wish all pets would be as lucky as I am!!!!
We abandoned pets desperately need a home
 just like my new one!

.......and this is now !!!!!!
I will continue my story every once in a while.
For now
"miaow" from Lulumouse.
God bless,
from Mom Evi