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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Valentine's Day has come and gone.
Some of you might have stopped at Laura's .. Laura@52flea or
at Carole's at Maynard Greenhouse blog.
If you have, you will have celebrated Valentine's Day with us.
Both girls did such a wonderful post on this very special day.
Needless to say, as the hostess, I had little chance to
take pictures.
I appreciate both Laura's and Carole's post so much,
because we now have that lovely day in pictures to relive.
I had taken a few pictures before everyone came...
so I am going to share them with you too.

My little treat boxes were fun to make...but for me a bit of a challenge. It was the first time in my life that I got to use
mod podge. Still am confused what it actually is!
I think, I will stick to doll making!!!!

I filled them with chocolates and a tiny writing pad.

Here they are in all their "glory", ha ha.
They did look pretty on my "new" - old silver tray.

Hubby bought me these beautiful roses.
They even smelled like roses!!!
I adored them.

The table looked festive all decked out in
Valentine's Day colors.

I got each girl a little book to carry in their pocket books.
Nice to write things down when you are on the go.
The little pen is safely attached to the book...no more
looking all over.

We had a wonderful time sharing, laughing, eating
and just spending time together.
The time went way too fast!
To be repeated next year...God willing!

I have started to decorate our home for spring.
The weather this winter has been incredible!
No snow so far to speak of.
Some of the birds are already back from their
winter "vacation".
I heard the morning doves cooing for the first
time today.

Hubby calls me the "pillow queen".
It is so easy to change the look of a room with pillows and curtains.
Suddenly the whole room takes on a different  atmosphere...
no longer winter, but airy and spring-like.

There seems to be a lightness in the house, just like flowers
popping up new, eager to see the world.

I found these interesting branches with "pompon's"
on them.
As my girlfriend Debbie says....they are "whimsical".

I love the way they seem to bounce in the air.

Don't you just love this finial?!
It was given to me by my friends...
the "sister act".
As you can surmise, there are more than one...
three in fact....there used to be four.
We miss Greg!
They are the sweetest gals, you could ever meet.

And spring has come to the dining room too.
Out went the old...yucky carpet...in came a
new flax-colored jute boucle.
To get to this one, three others came home first....
one too big (I should measure before I buy),
one I was so smitten with, that all practicality
went by the wayside, (way to light!!!)
and one that had random stripes....
what was I thinking.
I am always doing this symmetrical thing.
But, I want you to notice...on the mantel are
two birds on one side and only one on the other.
I am trying to break my "Noah habit"!

I am ending this post with our kitty.
Unfortunately not a real one.
This is a lovely painting on wood and can sit on an edge.
I am sooo ready to have a kitty again!
Hubby is hesitating.
I already named him in my mind..

Hope you are all enjoying your days.
May they be filled with sunshine and promise
of spring to come!

God bless,

Monday, February 6, 2012


By now you all know, that I am a doll maker.
So, my heart always goes to fabrics and all things
And of course anything else that catches my fancy.
Here are the " treasures" that came home with me.

This beautiful robe must have been part
of a play. I am not sure of the date, but
it maybe from the 1920 TH.
Does anybody have an idea?

It has all this lovely detailing and is made from velvet.

Inside is this label.
Has anybody ever heard of this company?

You can see also on the lining that it is quite old.
It is lined with this pretty old shirting.

I fell in love with this sweet little coat made from very
fine wool.

I have a passion for vintage sewing notions.
These came in a beautiful old sewing basket.

What a wonderful way to package straight pins!

Sweet little fabric flowers in a tiny silver vessel
marked 1933.

Something else I love are tiny white doll dishes.
I always wonder which little girl played with them.
Perhaps she had tea parties for her dolls and teddies.

More notions and a little Christmas stocking.
I also found old sheet music to be used for
some future project.

This was my "treasure" basket.
Laura, I hope you like it!

I can see some of my witches with these
vintage party toys.
They have such cute designs.

No antiquing trip would be complete for me, without
bringing home some antique or vintage fabrics.
In my mind, I am dressing dolls.
What fun I will have!!!!

All through the Christmas season I was looking for
an old silver tray for my big candles, and now I have found it.
 Better late than never!
Have not decided whether to polish or not.

I think it will be pretty for every season.
There is something magical about old silver plate.

I like to wish you all a happy
Valentine's Day.

May you be blessed to spend it in the company of loved ones!
Love truly makes the world go round!

Oh, by the way, the antique mall was in Coxsackie, N.Y.
And we also spent time in Catskill, alas, way to short.
Our next trip will be back there and to
Hudson, N.Y.
I am already looking forward to that.

God bless you all,