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Friday, October 11, 2013


Yesterday we decided to treat ourselves to
a trip to the Culinary  Institute of America.
Hubby had a doctors appointment on the east side
of the Hudson River, and since Hyde Park
was only 3 miles away from there,
why not have some wonderful thing
to look forward to.
We have been there a few times before,
but yesterday seemed special.
The rain held off, it was not mobbed,
the leaves have started to turn, but everything looks still
luscious  and green.

This is Roth Hall at the CIA.......

.....the Culinary Institute of America.
The campus is large. It is one of the
finest culinary colleges in the world.
The CIA is situated on a beautiful spot on the east
bank of the Hudson River.........
with beautiful vistas of the Catskill
mountains on the west side of the Hudson.

Look carefully and you can see the Hudson on the
right top of the picture.

 Anton Plaza.
It is hard to find a prettier place.
From here you can look at the Hudson or Roth Hall.

How nice, that people are still generous to make funds
available to give people enjoyment.
And enjoy we did.
We ran into Australians who loved our pretty
part of the world.

Just sitting there, relaxing and looking at the fountain,
 was good for our souls.

Lets follow these upcoming chefs into Roth Hall.
Roth Hall has three Restaurants, a bookstore,
where you can also get the latest gadgets.
Classrooms and places to see some of the young
chefs  learning the art of baking.
Unfortunately no pictures are allowed to protect
the privacy of the students.
Lots of fun to watch though.
What I found amusing....when we walked
behind a student going to class, we noticed
that she had her wire whisk hanging from her knapsack...


Of course, we could not take pictures of the
restaurant we chose in Roth Hall,
The Apple Pie Bakery Café.
At least I got permission to take a picture
of this mural of the Hudson.....

and the courtyard for the students right outside of
our window.
It reminds me of a monastery, and there is also a chapel
on campus with beautiful windows.

And now for the best part of our day....
our luncheon......
Shrimp Nicoise!
Grilled shrimp, balsamic vinegar reduction, greens,
quail egg, fingerling potatoes, haricot vert, asparagus,
olives, piquillo peppers and cherry tomatoes,
with herb vinaigrette.

That quail egg looked so sweet, I could not resist taking a picture.

Oh, the desserts!!!!!!
Hubby and I shared  a lemon tart
presented in the most intriguing way.
It was decorated with white chocolate,
a kumquat and a meringue.
It was heavenly!!!!!!

The other desert was a Tart Bourdalou.
Poached pears in vanilla syrup with almond cream
inside a  crisp almond tart shell.
If you ever have a chance to visit, indulge!
So many wonderful things to choose from.
The students have made it all, and also serve
their creations at lunch to you.
They are eager to engage and tell you what
they are studying and what their plans
are for their future.
It was charming!

One of the displays in the windows showed
lovely breads........

......so of course some came home with us.
Who could resist!!!
Oh, I don't know what the 40 means on the bags,
certainly not $ 40.00.

This map shows just how big the campus is,
and we saw  that they are still building.

After all the eating, we had to walk some of it off.
This restaurant sits apart from the others.
It is the Ristaurante Caterina de' Medici,
and also the Colavita Center for
Italian Food and Wine.
I felt like I was transported to Italy.

Everywhere we went, we saw herb and vegetable gardens
tended by the students.
Even along driveways and roads.

And urns everywhere with edible flowers, herbs and veggies,
incredible and inspiring!
All these wonderful things end up in their cooking,
beautiful and fresh.

One huge urn still had strawberries coming.

We walked, we set in this peaceful spot.....
.....and at one o'clock it was time to face reality
and head to hubbies doctor.
The news was better than expected,
and we are happy.
Hoping for more good news in the next months,
and keeping our fingers crossed.
I am trying to get ready for some shows.
Also some windows are getting replaced
next week.
So, I have done no decorating for Halloween.
We will be in a mess.
But I am wishing everyone a happy, and not
too spooky Halloween.
God bless,