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Monday, March 17, 2014


We are sorry to report that we, and our sisters
are not ready for our debut.
We haven't even grown our whiskers yet,
and are waiting patiently for clothing and all
the goodies our creative mom has promised us.
And waiting is no fun.......
.....and gets mighty cold.....
I have been having back problems again on and off
since the beginning of January,
which has developed into full-blown sciatica.
In Germany it is called "Hexenschuss",
translated.........shot by a witch.
Actually it is more like lightening striking.
It is as nasty as it sounds,
and goes right down my "sewing machine pedal" leg.
So, all my babies have to wait a bit longer.
As I am grabbing my new best friend, my heating pad,
I am heading for bed.
Not the right way to start Spring.
I hope you have a far better and wonderful
beginning of Spring!
God bless,