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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Meet Freda.

Freda is an American beauty.

She is wearing a creamy white fine wool skirt made
from antique fabric.

Her jacket is made from hand-printed English cotton,
trimmed with antique hand crochet off-white lace.

The waist is adorned with vintage red ribbon.

She proudly carries the American flag, as she is waiting
for the parade to begin.

Her hair is soft auburn wool roving.

Freda is wearing a vintage straw hat with some stylish trim.

The hat is slightly stained on one edge.

Her face is needle sculpted , embroidered and painted.

She is showing her dimples, which all the boys love

and all the girls envy!

Her overall height is 27", but because she

has a weighted bottom she sits 16" tall.

Fredas price is $279.00 plus shipping and handling.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed her!

Freda has been SOLD.

Thank you.

God bless, Evi

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fathers Day Treasures

This was my splurge!

I love this skirt from around 1890.

The print is charming and I like the way the hem was
backed with sweet little fabric.

I was so happy to find the black vintage seam binding tape,
since I am running low on this color.

The thimbles are brass and of course I like
the red band on them.

Keys are always a nice addition to my ever growing collection.

Now this is fun!

This must have been a towel at one time, that someone
cleverly made into a hairstyling cape.

The little embroidered hairpins give it away.

These adorable pictures tucked at my heartstrings!

Maybe I will copy them as hangtags for my dolls.

I have been searching for a little metal stool
for one of my topiaries.

This one fits the bill perfectly.

I love this little carved wooden piece.

Whatever this is meant to be, I don't know.

It is all hand carved and about 6" tall with a hole
at the top.

I think it is a candle holder.

Whatever it is, I am using it to make a wonderful MAKE-DO.

I hope you enjoyed my treasures.

God bless,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fathers Day Part Two

What an absolutely beautiful view of the Catskill Mountains,
on our last leg of our Fathers Day outing.
We are on our way to Gardiner, N.Y.
and the wonderful shop " HiHo Home Market".

This store is a visual delight!
The owner Heidi Hill-Haddard has a knack for putting
old and new things together in a very pleasing way.
She is always friendly and helpfull in guiding you to just the
right purchase.

I love the little tea cups suspended from the lamp and ceiling.

There is even a large Christmas room with
many surprises.

Wares to pamper yourself have not been forgotten.

Wonderful items to make you feel special and spoiled.

Don't you just love this dog?

Beautiful things greet you at every corner.
I hope you had fun coming along on our little trip!
Thank you and God bless,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers Day

For Fathers Day my other and sometimes better half,
requested a little road trip.

The first place we visited is the small college town named New Paltz.

There is a charming place called the Water Street Market.

This interesting detail greeted us at an antique store.

Inside were many neat things, but I was being a good girl-
after all...it was Fathers Day....not Evi's day...or so I wanted to believe!

Well, as you can see, temptation was everywhere!

And as you can imagine, my resolve did not last too long......

Things just have a way of coming home with me.

I will share what came with me at another time.

This lovely little waterfall was a resting place for all weary shoppers...
...alas, we had 93 degrees and high humidity.

So no outside luncheon for us.

We had wonderful sandwiches at a small cafe...
... inside and air-conditioned.

Well rested, we continued.

There are wonderful little boutiques mixed in with antique stores -
- a shoppers delight!

Located at the end of the market sat a larger antiques barn.

What fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After we rested up a bit, we drove to a place called High Falls.

High Falls is a very tiny hamlet, but it has lovely stores.

And it has a very small fleamarket every Sunday.

Needless to say, I found something there too!
This by the way is an inn and restaurant called the DEPUY CANAL HOUSE.

This lovely Clematis had entangled itself around a bush.

This flag takes the prize -
I don't remember ever seeingone that large!
It was on the side of the Inn.

Our ride back brought us over mountains and stunning scenery.
The mountains in the background are the Catskills.

A picture from the mountain into the valley .
The mountains in the background are where we live.

Unfortunately it was a hazy day.
I have one more stop to share in my next blog.

Thank you for stopping by.

God bless you all,


Saturday, June 19, 2010

A few pictures of our home

This is a peek into our living room.
You can see a little of the entrance foyer and the door to the right leads to the screened-in porch and onto decks beyond.

Another view, this time seen from the dining room.

As you can see, I love the color RED!!!!!!!!!
But only in small doses!

A look from the kitchen into the entrance foyer.

I just realized, this one was taken in the winter.

We also use this as our breakfast room.
Hope you enjoyed your peek.

God bless,


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trinita and Whinny

Let me introduce Trinita and her beloved Whinny.

Trinita is a very sweet little doll, 25 1/2" tall.
Her face is needle sculpted and painted.
She has soft, natural, washed wool hair.
A bow graces her hair.

Trinita's dress is an antique doll dress.
I have washed it but there are a few little spots that did not come out...
... so I put them into the folds of the dress.

Her undies are fabulous.
They are also antique... little bloomers with
tucks and lace and a great matching petticoat also with tucks and lace.
...you can see it peeking out from underneath her skirt.

Now to her pet....... her Shetland pony Whinny.

It was truly love at first sight!

Whinny is an antique Amish toy.
He is probably made from an old blanket.
His feet are clothespins.

Trinita has to hold Whinny on a leash because he is rather frisky!

Trinita comes with her own stand, but she can also sit.

Whinny and Trinita are $ 325.00 plus shipping and handling.

Thank you for stopping by to visit!

Trinita and Whinny have been SOLD.

Thank you.

God bless,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

R.J.Vickers Herbery

R.J.Vickers Herbery in Chester CT is one of the most wonderful shops.
It specializes in herbs but also carries very special gifts.
This charming gate and arbor lets you come and go into this unique little paradise.

I love the little dove sitting on a birdbath!

If you are ever in the area be sure to stop in for a visit.
You won't be disappointed!

God bless, Evi

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Clematis and Roses

This is one of my treasured roses named Zephirine Drouhin and Clematis Montana Alba.
Would you believe, this rose has no thorns!!!

Hope your gardens are blooming too......
God bless, Evi

Friday, June 11, 2010

Zoe Rose

Zoe Rose is a charming rabbit.
She is 25" tall to the tip of her ears but she prefers them a little bent over...
...at least one of them.

She carries a vintage bouquet of violets and her pet bird Chirpette.

Zoe Rose wears a wonderful skirt made from antique fabric called lawn.
It is creamy white with tiny lilac colored roses and green sprigs.
Her top is made from very fine antique wool.

Her lovely face and shapely body are made from brushed cotton and her dark eyes are buttons.
She comes with a stand but she can also sit.

Zoe Rose and Chirpette are now SOLD! Thank you!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Nicoletta is an 18" fabric doll. Her face is painted and embroidered.
Her hair is curly brown lambs wool.

She loves to garden and always carries a little scissor for cutting flowers and a watering can for taking care of them.

She comes with a stand but she can also sit.
Her skirt is made from antique fine cotton about 110 years old.
The beige, brown and pink print is very charming.
Her jacket is made from antique linen.
The ribbon and flowers are vintage too.

This is the view from the back.

Nicoletta is $235.00 plus shipping and handling.

To purchase Nicoletta or if you have any questions please email me.

I hoped you liked meeting Nicoletta...
... please check back on Friday as Zoe Rose and Chirpette will be making their debut!

Nicoletta has been SOLD.

Thank you.

Thank you for stopping by!
God bless, Evi

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lady Sapphira Osborn-Peale

Lady Sapphira Osborn-Peale is a 22 inch tall fabric doll. She is a born traveler, always ready for a new adventure.
Alas, she does not travel lightly!
She has an antique trunk, her antique traveling bag, and of, course her hat box, made from a vintage basket. She is wearing a jacket made from fine antique wool.
Her skirt is antique silk. It has a few frayed edges on the bottom of the hem ruffle ... I kept them toward the back of the skirt.
Her hat is also vintage.

Her face is needle sculpted and painted.

Her hair is soft curly wool.

She comes with a stand but can also sit.

Lady Sapphira Osborn-Peale is now SOLD. Thank you!

This is my very first post and other dolls will be added in the weeks to come.

Please check back to see more from Evi's Country Snippets!

Thank you!