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Friday, October 14, 2011


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It's the time of the year where I pay homage
to the Halloween season.
Not too spooky though.......
just enough to get the feeling of things
that go bump in the night.

I pay homage to crows that amuse me......
to handmade things that delight me.....
and of course to the farmers harvest of
gourds and pumpkins.

So come right in and share the fun.....
I left my hat, broom and witchie shoes at the door.

This little kitty  appeared.....
not orange, but it has some orange spots....
how cute!

The witch is in.......
well, sometimes.

Have a happy, spooky and safe
Halloween Season.

God bless,

Saturday, October 8, 2011


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Not even a week ago hubby and I took a long walk
along the beautiful Hudson.
It was warm, and there were no signs of fall.

Our little town has it's own small marina.
Just look how green and lush it looks!
The leaves are not turning yet.
I cannot remember this ever happening.
It is probably because of all the rain we had
and the warm temperatures.

Where we live,  the Hudson is wide.
In the distance you can see one of the many bridges.

In the summer you see many pleasure boats among
the many barges hauling things up and down the river.
This one is heading down to New York.
This day the boat traffic was light, since it was a Sunday, and
most people had taken their small crafts out of the water
for the fall.

I love the tug boat pushing this large barge......
and you can really see how large they are in
comparison with the smaller boat coming the other way.

Some gals took to the Hudson, going up-stream in kayak's.

There was even a sailing boat still in the water.
Maybe he had an inkling, that it was not time yet
to dock his boat.

This is such a pretty walk.
We headed for the gazebo.

It looks lovely.......

.......and has a beautiful view.
Benches would have made it even nicer.
In the summer there are concerts here in the evening.
You bring your blankets and enjoy a night under the stars.

At home flowers are still in bloom.
My hubby started to take plants to his
office, but I cannot part with them all yet.
Have to do it soon though, because this
will not last forever....sigh.
Last year the poor man over-wintered 40 plants.
He watered them once a week faithfully.
Yes, he is a sweetie!

I guess I am looking for something in orange.
Because we had so much rain, mushrooms are
sprouting up all over.
The colors on this one are amazing.

Now we are getting a little more spooky.
A spider had made it's nest underneath,
a very clever way to stay dry.

And then I found this very interesting bug....
a Walking Stick
by the door to my studio.
Things are getting , well........scary.....

.......and the crows are adding a touch......
but look how green the trees still are......

Maybe we will just skip fall and winter,
and that would not make me unhappy,
after the winter we had last year !!!!!
I wish you beautiful days, wherever you are
and whatever weather you have.
God bless,

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Witches have arrived in my
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Have fun!

Blessings, Evi