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Thursday, November 10, 2016


It's been a long time since I blogged.
Lot's has happened.
For month, actually two years I have been
getting our home ready to be sold.
Lucky us, it has sold fast.
A little more than five weeks to pack up a nearly 3000 square feet home,
find an apartment and now finding a new home.
We have found something that would suit our needs,
but because it is a short sale we wait for the bank, and wait and wait.
We hope it will become ours!
Meanwhile we have just about settled in to our 1000 square feet rental.
We are still adjusting having people all around us.
It is a retirement community and actually not a bad place to be.

I am making one bedroom into my studio....not easy
since I had at least four times  more space in my studio before.

Hubby is still often looking for his designated bathroom and so on.
And we will have to do this all over again.
His Parkinson's and Alzheimer's is getting worse and all of that will have to be considered in the new house.
Here we had to take an upper level apartment since nothing else was available.
We are making it work.
Here is what I did in our temporary abode.
Many pieces of furniture were sold, but there is still enough to make a home comfy and cozy.

As you enter, so a bit hard for hubby.

Door to the right goes into the second bedroom, now becoming my studio.

We have a cute deck off the living room.
Unfortunately it is getting colder and will not be used much.

Some familiar friends.....

I hid ugly utility boxes with some of my antique samplers.
Only men would put boxes where they bite you in the face!

I am going to have the light moved so it is actually over the table
and I am making a linen "slipcover" for it.

Miss my stove. This one has no thermostat and no window in the oven. Have a dickens of a time judging when things are done.
I guess I am not doing much baking here!!!!!

Between bedroom ....
main bath to the left, walk in closet on the right, and
bedroom next.

We always had two twins which made up our king size bed.
Thank God, because you could not fit it in here without having enough storage too.

And that's it.
Our storage unit is 10' by 20' and filled to the brim,
no room to fit a postage stamp in now.
All waiting for the next step in our lives,
but we are on our way.
Waiting to see what God has planned for us next.
I plan to make our "forever" home as comfortable as our last house,
and look into the future with gratitude for what we had
and hopefully what good times will still be ahead.

God bless,
Happy Thanksgiving,