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Friday, July 22, 2011


I never tire seeing what's new in the garden
and all the critters large and small (except for snakes)

Come along and enjoy!

To everyone......enjoy nature whenever you can.

God bless,


Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hooray, my favorite magazine arrived.
I started to read the introduction page.
The editors were writing about how it is important
to take time to enjoy the simple things,
time to relax.
And so I had my aha-moment.
I seem to be in constant motion with all that goes
with a household.......family, garden and doll making...
Time out to relax !!!!!

Since we had just celebrated my girlfriend
Debbie's birthday, there was cake in the house.
I decided to take it, a cup of tea and the
magazines to one of my favorite spots.
Lets make it special I thought....
pillows and tablecloth....just for me.

I love the pillows, since I love gardening.

This pretty cup holds wonderful memories.
It was my Dad's most loved cup.
It is quite old and the porcelain is very thin.
He insisted the coffee tasted best out of this cup.
So what more could a girl want, her Dad's beloved cup,
a nice slice of cake and her favorite read.

Behind me bees swarmed around the hydrangeas.

I loved this time alone.

Oops, thought I changed that, oh well, you get
the picture.

This issue had beautiful garden pictures....
and, how funny, bathroom pictures.
That after we just did ours.
Oh well, love mine just as much!

The next time....and there will be a next time...
I will pick another pretty spot.
Maybe this one.......

or the bench on the deck.......

or the chaise in the porch......

but this I know, I will make time again.

To everyone who has left me such nice comments
and has not heard from me, I am having computer
problems....some comments seem to go out, others not.

I am sorry, I am thinking of you!
Waiting for my computer guy to bail me out .....again!

God bless,