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Friday, June 24, 2011


After a long hiatus, which lasted from spring to summer,
I am back.

I am sorry for the long absence.
These nearly 3 months have been a whirlwind
and all things "computer" had to take a back seat.

As of yesterday, we are totally finished with the bathroom.

This remodel was fraught with so many unexpected things.

After 4 1/2 days the carpenter walked off the job,
leaving us stranded.

Thank God that our son is truly gifted with all things
concerning carpentry....and no, this is not his profession.

He jumped in and literally saved our sanity!!!!!!

Taking a look back at how the bathroom was,
shows just how much there was to do.

Oh, that "lovely" 1960 yellow......

The old sink sat on a fake wooden countertop.

By the way, only the cold water was working
in the end.

The plumber hard at work.

We had a very limited time frame.

Our son took over a job poorly done...
the insulation was all wrong,
the electric, sheetrock etc.

He worked so hard and got it done right.

Even the bathtub was set crooked,
so all the tile would have been set crooked too.

And the tile had a box of ten that turned gray after grouting.
I felt really bad for the tile man. That was a job, getting it out
and replaced. Another setback.

Here you can see it taking shape.

And then another setback.
Looks like a spotted hyena to me.
Oh, I was pulling my hair!

Peter worked hard and got it done, right down to the wire.
He gave up every free minute, and with two children
this was not easy.

Every time I walked into this bathroom, I saw him giving
so much of himself.

This is our guest bathroom and we were expecting my
brother and sister-in law from Germany.

As they were driving to us from the airport,
hubby and I were cleaning the tub and floor tiles.

But besides a few little things, we got it done.

Having my family here was fun and we enjoyed our
time together.
The time went by way too fast!
And this is the bathroom they got to enjoy!

After they left, I had to get to my weed-
overgrown garden, and I am still at it.

A very cold and rainy spring did not help!

So instead of going on my computer in the evening,
I went to bed. Too tired to do anything else.
Now it is back to my old life.
And hopefully I will also get back to doll making and other projects.

I hope you enjoyed the "before" and "after"

Peter, I dedicate this post to you with thanks and gratitude.

Love you lot's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless,