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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Well, I have been absent from blogging lately.
But for a reason......about that later.
This has been a crazy spring,
and a horrible summer for us in the North-East.
The spring was cold and rainy,
frost the end of May,
and  then the heat and humidity hit us full force.
Today we had 98 degrees, and so humid
that I feel like a sponge.
In between there have been torrential downpours,
washing out our driveway and toppling a huge oak tree,
thank God, not near the house.
I only have air conditioning on the downstairs level
where my studio is.
On the upper level there is just a small one in the bedroom.
Thank God for the pool, but even that is like a bathtub.
Well, in short, we are baking.
The garden does not like the heat either.
My beautiful roses were gone in no time.
And then came the CICADAS.
Thousands of them!!!!
The noise was incredible,
and they were everywhere.
And they lasted for weeks!
You start wondering what will be next.
But there were some good moments too.
Hubby and I went to the Country Living Fair
in Rhinebeck, N.Y. in June.
It was their first time there, and not that far away from us.
We went early Friday morning.
Unfortunately it poured.....
I don't mean just rain....no you could have strangled frogs.
But I did not care.
The show was wonderful, and I hope they will
have it again next year.
It was a mixture of antiques, vintage, and handmade things.
We were with the first bunch in,
 and I got amongst other goodies,
this wonderful carrier at Stephanie Lloyd's booth.
It was filthy, and needed a really good scrubbing.
But here is the surprise.
The price was fantastic!
But I do not think that it is a pet carrier,
unless you mean pigeons.
If anybody has an idea what it really is,
please let me know.
And now to something else....
You might remember my post about the half bath
off our bedroom.
I had never gotten around to taking pictures of the remodeled one.
This was the old "green hornet"......
.....and this is the new bathroom.
Because it is so small,
and because I was REALLY sick of the green,
I wanted everything white,
light and airy.
The most important thing
(and the most costly),
was turning the toilet around.
No more hitting the cabinet with your knees.
I used a cabinet from the Martha Stewart Collection
at Home Depot.
Unfortunately the origional gray was not the right color.
It needed 3 coats of white paint.
And I think it was meant for a giant,
so the legs had to be shortened.
I am still looking for an antique-looking wire shelve
for over the toilet.
Something pretty to hold a little clock and maybe a small
vase of flowers.
It came out well, nice and simple.
Love the swiveling faucet from Martha's collection.
Makes it easy to clean the sink.
Long ago I bought these wonderful pressed botanicals.
And they finally found the perfect spot.
So I am ending this post with our little Lulu.
I think only a cat can find the darnedest spots to sleep.
Draped between two antique French finials
my girlfriend Debbie brought home for me from a trip
to Europe.
And now for why I have been so slow with posting or
visiting blogs.......
We had a photo shoot for a national magazine here of
our home last Friday.
I cleaned and cleaned...
rearranged and sweated thru it all.
It could have gone so much faster without this inferno.
 I cannot tell you the magazine, because we don't
know yet in which one it will appear.
The publishers have several different magazines.
It will come out next year, and I will let you all know.
So, this is it for today.
 I will be spending the next few month in my studio,
preparing for upcoming shows.
I hope you all had a wonderful summer so far.
God bless,