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Monday, April 16, 2012


Knock, and enter our porch in progress.
Because of ongoing back problems, the old twig furniture
was no longer an option.
With an upper-back herniated disk, which is still bothering me,
I made the decision to go for more comfort.
Yes, I will miss my old furniture and the rustic look,
but it is going to a very good home to my friend
Laura's@ 52flea house in the Adirondacks.
It fits there perfectly!!!!!

The new set is very comfortable.

Flowers are blooming everywhere......

like these beautiful tulips.......thank you Heather.....
I just love them!!!!

And so, with spring all around me.....

........ I am eager to nest again!

The porch is coming together.
I will tweak as I go along.
Slipcovers out of linen have to be made yet,
something for shade has to be decided on, etc.

That is the part I like most.

Soon all the plants will come home from my
husbands office, where they over-wintered.

We bought this bucket bench when we vacationed in
The patina is wonderful.
Now most of my bee skeps have found the perfect home.

Hubby build the shelves under the eaves.
Many of my birdhouses are displayed there.
This one is very special......

.....and so is this house.
It feels kind of "witchie".

Can't wait for all the trees to be green.

I am wishing you a happy and peaceful week.

God bless,