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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Fun Day Out

Every few weeks we feel restless. We make a quick decision
and of we go.

It was a very hot day and our ride brought us to the
Coxsackie Antique Center
in.... West Coxsackie, N.Y.

The center is large and air conditioned.

We have been there many times
and it is always a treat.

The isles are wide and comfortable.

I will show you things I loved but did not get.

For all you lovers of all things French, this
was absolutely beautiful!

Unfortunately my pocketbook does not match
my "wants".........sigh.

Love this old egg basket.

This is a small chest sitting on top of a big counter.

The wood is really pretty.

This booth had many things we liked.

Love the big round baskets.

Same booth...... ah, there are the baskets again.

This little chair was very appealing.

Just right for my grandchildren.

This kitchen hutch was neat.

I love the gumball machine.
It is my favorite color....RED.

And now, the item I most wanted.....
This is a pigeon basket from the First World War.

I am still suffering "withdrawel" symptoms.
Love, love, loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ebbie and I enjoyed all the beekers.

Would not have minded owning some of them.

This chest of drawers was also quite small.
I am drawn to small cabinets and chests.
The bottle on top was interesting, unfortunately
I missed some of it.

Hubby and I both thought this would look
nice in our garden, alas.......

We bought a few things which I will show at the end.

After spending a few happy hours at the Antique Mall
we went to the charming small town of

This mural is gorgeous!

It shows so well how beautiful our area is.

The architecture is wonderful.

We loved all the details on this building.

Besides this being a pretty building, it also held
a cute country store.

This is such a charming street with many quaint stores.

We only had time to stop at this antique store.
I know that we will come back.

Again a small chest that did not come home with me.

It was lovely. The paint color was especially nice.

If this trunk could talk, I wonder what
stories it could tell.
The hats were ready to be packed.

I have the ferns for this lovely stand.
It also had to remain.

That brings me to what I actually brought home!

A little bit of this and that.
They were not the big ticket items, but I am content.

I love sewing things and can envision that some of
these items will grace my dolls and make-do's.

This was one of my favorite things.
It must have been trim for furniture.
They are brass and bend easely.
I think they would make neat crowns for
some of my dolls!

This little dress is cute with all these
embroidered ruffles.
It was stained but I have since washed it,
and it came out beautiful.

This last item is interesting and wonderful.
I was told it came from a Masonic Temple.
Don't know much about it, but I loved all
the antiqued gold embroidery and the gold
boullion fringe.
The fabric is gently worn velvet.
I might decorate my dressform with it
at Christmas.

I enjoyed sharing our trip and I hope
you enjoyed it too.
God Bless,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Birdie Real Estate

Welcome to our birdie paradise.

This artisan made house greets you
as you walk up to the entrance door.

Every year the chickadee's make their home here.
Two different clematis vines grow around it

I love this birdhouse overlooking the pool.
It came from "HomeGoods".

This is another "HomeGoods" find.
You can find wonderful things there.

Little wrens like the birdhouse by the rose arbor.

This hand-made church sits at the back
of the rose arbor.

I got this birdhouse at a craft show we
were doing.
It is hand-made in the USA and very charming.

Now this birdhouse is really special to me.

My hubby made it for me many years ago.
It was a Christmas present.

If you look carefully, you will see two
ornamental doves sitting on branches.

We purchased this rustic birdhouse from my friend
Carole Maynard of "maynardgreenhouse.blogspot.com".

It looks lovely when the rose "New Dawn" drapes its
flowers over it!

We call this one " The skinny Minnie".
Wrens love this condo.

This is another birdhouse I bought at a
craft show, also hand-made in the USA.

This birdhouse graces my favorite dogwood tree.

Our property has many dogwoods, but this one
tree has my heart.

I call it "The Snow Queen".

It drapes it's branches over our porch.

Our climbing hydrangea nearly hides this
one. A little hard to take a pictures of,
because it is under the eaves at the front of the house.

I hope you enjoyed a look at our
birdie real estate!

God bless,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Make-Dos in Red

This Make-Do is made from red raw silk.
Two of the smaller strawberries and the scissors keep
are made from red nubby linen. I lightly antiqued the fabrics.
The petals are made from over-dyed pretty green wool.
I embroidered the strawberries with tiny little beads.
[My fingers are still hurting, ha ha.]
If you look closely, you will see that the beads are different colors.
The big strawberry sits on an antique pewter basket.
I turned the handle down to create a place for the scissors keep.

A close-up of the Make-Do.
I added a pin and a vintage button.

The scissor keep holds a little vintage scissors.

Thank you

These are the little treasure in a basket Make-Do.
They are little vintage sewing notions.

This sweet birdie sits on a vintage basket.
She is made from brushed flannel, with wings and tail
made from old silk and embroidered.
I made the nest from scraps of wool, linen, ribbons etc.

All the little strawberries are painted and antiqued fabric.
They are embroidered.

Thank you.

This last Make-Do sits on an old hog scraper.
It is made from antique homespun linen
and fine antique brown fabric.
I embroidered the seams in dark brown and red.
There is a tiny red raw silk ruffle to highlight
the Make-Do.

The "heart in hand" glove is a pin keep.
Untie the ribbon and undo a snap,
and you will find needles.

A view of the small strawberries on top of the Make-Do.
They are made from linen and raw silk and have
tiny beads.
The leaves are soft green over-dyed wool.

Thank you.

God bless, Evi

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garden in June

June is the month when our roses New Dawn
put on a spectacular show!

This is a dovecote my hubby build. It is fabulous!!!!!
The bottom bracket is antique.
He worked on it a very long time.

It was a true labor of love, and my birthday gift a few years ago.
A climbing hydrangea has grown all the way to the eaves.

We found the metal dove weather vane at a thrift shop!!!

The plant "Feverfew" abounds!
It makes new "babies" constantly.

This hydrangea will change colors many times over the season.

This rose is called "Ballerina".

It is a sweet old-fashioned rose.

A view of the "New Dawn" rose arbor.

Last winter it was burried under over 3' of snow,
and we thought we lost the roses.

After much pruning [hubby looked like he had been in a cat fight],
they survived.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

God bless,