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Monday, October 25, 2010


This doll is already sold!

I will be at the



Sunday November 7 th

10 A.M. TO 5 P.M.

425 Paramus Road, Paramus, N.J. 07652

Show Info. www.pjspromotions.com
or call 201-666-1340

Hope you can join me there!

Please send me an e-mail for further information.

God bless,

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I love flowers, blooming in the garden,
wild flowers by a road site,
freshly cut at a farm stand,
and pressed with love in a Herbarium.

So when a few years ago my friend Laura@52Flea
bid and purchased two exquisite Herbariums from e-bay.....
one for each of us,
I was thrilled.

There were pages and pages of dried flowers.

It was always a double page with a hand-drawn
picture and description in pencil on the left hand
and the pressed flower on the right.

I wonder who this young girl was,
was this a school project,
and where did she find all these beautiful flowers?

Look at all the details in her drawings.
She describes everything so well.

This was in the year 1908 and in my mind
I picture a thirteen to 15 year old little girl
with her head covered by a straw hat,
a white dress of fine lawn fabric,
running through the meadow and delighting
in a new find.

Perhaps she had her best friend joining
in this adventure.

I think she had a lot of fun putting
this Herbarium together.

Over a hundred years later, I treasure it as
much as she did, maybe even more!

I framed as many as would fit in our hallway
and hung them with great pride.

My little imaginary girl,
I think you would be happy with the
way I honored your Herbarium.

It has given me so much pleasure!

Here are a few close-ups.

At the back page of the book was the
terminology of all the flowers in detail.

Reading it, I learned a lot.

I hope you had fun browsing through the
Herbarium with me.
God bless,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Although I love orange in the colors of nature,
I don't love it so much in our home.
But in the Fall I have to make an exception.
After all, what is the season without a little ORANGE.....
As you are about to enter our home,
a basket of pumpkins and leaves greet you.
The orange pumpkin sports neat old hardware.
We bought him on our vacation trip to Pennsylvania.
I just love him, and he can be recreated every year!

This antique shelf hangs over the stove.
Of course the crows, which are vintage decoys
had to wear ribbons for the season.

This pumpkin man riding a crow is the work
of the artist Dan DiPaolo.

Love these two Halloween characters!

In an other part of the kitchen, some more crows
are nesting, happy to be sporting their ribbons too.

An array of ghoulish pumpkins.

And what would Halloween be without cats.......

Even the soup terrine is an ORANGE pumpkin.
I will be serving Ina Garten's Corn and Cheddar
It is wonderful on those nippy Fall days!

Yes, more crows....

I love these tiny little treasures....

These two look so innocent, but...............

Wonder what these two are talking about,
almost looks like Spooky, the dog, is getting
a lecture.
Wonder what that is about!
Who knows what goes on at night
when we are sleeping......
You know.... Halloween and things that
go bump in the night......

Now that is Halloween!

One of my "babies" walking her crow.
I just love crows.
Yes, they have some "nasty" habits,
but when you watch them interact,
they can also make you laugh.

Could not help myself, had to sneak in a little
black and white.

To everyone , enjoy the season,
before you know it, we will be shoveling snow..........
God bless,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween In Black, White, And..........Red!

Since we have red accents in our house,
I found myself in a dilemma.
How to decorate for Halloween..............

I did not want to go out and buy new curtains
and pillows........
so here is what I did.....

I like crows, and since I already had quite a few
in my kitchen I thought .....
why not add more.

Well, they landed on our dining room chandelier,

in our entrance foyer - breakfast room -

even on an old book,
confering on the ledger,

and the most important crow.....
Crowella and little Hester took up residence
in our home.

Crowella's head was made from an old
black paper bag which was brown on the inside.
I fitted her on to an old dress form.
Her hat came from HomeGoods and was
actually a cone to hang.
The jacket is as antique.
I draped old tobacco netting around her
and of course a spider is her brooch at the waist.

Little Hester is an impish little pumpkin
girl, full of energy, vim and vigor,
keeping Crowella on her toes.
She is never without her little pet crow
named Caw-caw.

Even in the living room, crows have taken
up residence.

They keep watch over loved ones
no longer with us.

Right now Hepseba is gracing us with her
presence until she flies to another abode.

We will continue this trip next time
and this time there will be.......ORANGE too.

Everyone, have a happy Fall Season.
God bless,