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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, here we have it!
After having a very cold but snow-free
Winter, we got walloped.
We "only" got 22" with very high winds.

Suddenly it became a WINTER WONDERLAND!

The lamp wore a bonnet ...
and so did everything else.

The tree by the front door was
unrecognisable and later tipped over......
to be redecorated tomorrow.
Off course first I have to find all the decorations.

Poor hubby is digging and digging.
First was the bird feeding station,
where he took a fall and when I looked up
he had disappeared in the deep snow.
Yes, he is alright, but I had a scare.
Could not fathom where he had gone to
in such a short time!!!!!!!

So I decided with my bad back to stay inside.
Welcome to the Dutch door downstairs
leading to our garden.

This is the room we call the T&T room...........
Toys and Teddies Room.
The room is right next to my studio
and much loved, because it holds many
of our antique and vintage toys.

The build-in cabinet hides the TV
and sports one of my Santa's and a tree
with birdies I made.

This is our sons favorite Santa.
He loves the color green, nature and hiking.

The Irish cabinet holds some of our teddies
and other vintage critters.

This sweet teddy sits on an old doll trunk.
My girlfriend Paula gave me all the wonderful
antique dolls clothing one year for Christmas.
What a delight!!!!
Don't you just love Teddies pets.

Antique doll trunks are one of my many passions.

The little joey was lost when I bought this
Steiff kangoroo. Teeny teddies cuddle up instead.

One of my snow girls feels quite at home
in her antique Adirondack rocker.

Tiny teddies are riding in a little antique German wagon,
being chased by a dogie,
the little squirrel is holding on for dear life.

Another corner in our T&T room.
I love all things Swedish and the horses
and some of the straw stars come
from there.
I love to sit in this arm chair and contemplate
what I will create next.
The cupboard stores my finished dolls.

Some of the straw stars were made by me
when I still lived in Germany.

Love, love this vintage stocking.
Wonder who looked for treasures in it
a long time ago?
Another Christmas and year come to a close.
I wish everyone a
Happy and Healthy New Year.

God bless,

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Waiting for the big event!

Getting ready.....

hanging the stockings.....

decking the halls........
and everything else.......................

adding a little sparkle...or a lot.....

"crowning " the chandelier........

....hanging more stockings.......

...even the bathroom does not get spared...

icicles sparkle, birds are flying.....

cats get into the act....

looking innocent and sweet.....

becoming friends with mice.....

birds cavorting in a tree...

watched over by Santa......

snowmen grinning with anticipation.....

a Santa sighted........

more birds singing.....

in a glittery tree..........

waiting for "Mr Big".....

"The Main Event"......


bringing gifts to good girls and boys.......

Hope you all get what you wish for!!!!!!!

As for us..........

I am leaving the cookies and the milk out dear Santa,
so you have strength for the rest of your journey!

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas,
Happy Holidays and a
healthy and joyous NEW YEAR!
May all your wishes come true....
God bless,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am late, I am late
for an important date.......

I feel like the rabbit from

To everyone who has left me
comments and e-mailed me.....
I want you to know how much I appreciate your
kind words.

I have been dealing with some medical issues
but hope to be back to my old self soon.

I had a lot of catching up to do,
but it finally looks like Christmas at our house.

So here is a little peek........

The cloches in the entry foyer hold some of my
Christmas treasures.

I made these two a few years ago.....
they are sooo sweet.

This Swedish cookie cutter makes the
most wonderful Gingerbread Man.

No, they are not swimming...
she sits under a " bubbly" glass cloche.
I love her swan sleigh.

Peace on Earth to all my fellow blogger friends.

A peek at Christmas tree treasures.
Now you know, I had to have this ornament!

It does not take much to make our home
look like Christmas...
not when you live with the color Red
all year long...... and love it soooo much!

This is "Jodel".
He was given to me by my dear friend Laura
from 52 Flea a few Christmases ago.
I love him.
He reminds me of the puppets from
"The Sound Of Music".

Teddies are enjoying an afternoon tea.
Oh, but that little dog.....
I think he needs some training!!!!!!!!!

May angels keep you well!
More postings to come soon.
God bless,