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Tuesday, January 29, 2013



We are in love.....over the moon....
totally smitten
with our new addition to the family.
Lulu entered our life last Thursday,
when after a few month searching
we found our little princess.
Actually, we were looking for a little boy,
but Lulu stole our hearts at first sight.
We got her through PetSmart who sponsors with one of our
local Humane Societies.
The story of Lulu is the story of many abandoned animals.
In August the family who had her, and four other cats,
left their trailer and the cats behind.
The Humane Society rescued them, and some were
already adopted.
They make sure that they are healthy and fit to be
placed in good homes.
Lulu is a VERY shy little girl, about three years old.
 She needed us.
We have had many cats and dogs throughout our married life,
the last one, our little boy Mousie,
who passed on twelve years ago.
We have been wanting another one, but the time had to be right.
It  is right!
There are no small children running around,
we are mature adults, and no dogs here now.
As of yesterday, we opened her crate door so she can get the lay of the land....
that is the family room, and bathroom downstairs.
This is next to my studio where I had the crate first.
It is now in the family room.
The thing is, she is now hiding under an armoire all day.
I can close the doors of the family room,
 which I did last night.
She ate her food, did her business, and from what I can see by
play mice toys, she has been busy last night playing.
I am worried that we cannot brush her long hair,
 which she realty loves.
She even let us cut out a hair knot while crated.
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to coax her out from underneath the armoire?
She loves to be petted, and purrs up a storm.
Is it just a time issue, and to let her do her own thing?
She seems very comfortable here.
By the way, as recommended, she will be an inside cat.
Fine, our house is big, and I think she will enjoy
the enclosed porch in the summer.
If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
I really would appreciate input, since none of my pets
ever had an issue adjusting....but than, they were not discarded
to start with.
My girlfriend Debbie brought her a gift today.
It is mouse that you fill with catnip.
She loves it, touches it, and purrs like crazy,
but she is still under the armoire.
Remember, she is not a wild cat,
but a scared little abandoned one.
She is loved already, and will be our little princess
to be spoiled for the rest of her life.
So here are the first pictures of Lulu......
She is very small.
Can you understand that we are smitten?.....
Too cute!

And hubby loves to lie next to her crate and talk to her....
so do I......
I am even singing to her,ha ha, which she likes.
She has a habit of blinking her eyes....
and if you blink back, she does this repeatedly....
while purring.
We are so happy that this little lady joined this family.
God bless,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I have been collecting these little sewing beauties
for some time now.
They are not easy to find, and the ones I own are
from around 1875 to 1910.
They go by the name of vegetable ivory or pierced ivory.
What makes me happy is the fact, that no elephant had
to give his life for these sweet sewing  trinkets.
These are made from the seed of a palm named
Phytelepas aequatorialis, or in short "elephant plant".
There are many other species of Phytelepas.
Most come from South America, but also come from
many other countries.
The seeds hardness is very similar to real ivory.
I love the beautiful detailing in these small wonders,
and am always on the look-out for others to add to
my collection.
I believe, that there was a thimble made from vegetable ivory
belonging to this acorn at one time,
 and it got replaced with this one.
This one still has it's original thimble.
I am not sure if at one time this held a tape measure.
It is most likely.
Every time I look at these small beauties,
I am amazed at the craftsmanship and imagination
of the artists who made these tiny
treasures so long ago.
I feel blessed to own them and hope to pass them on
to the next generation.
God bless,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


With Carole's help I got on to Google Chrome.
So far I cannot say that I like it.
But like anything new, it will take time to get used to.
But this is not the reason for this post.
The reason is


And that is something I want to "tweet" about.
In my life, I have been blessed with the most loving friends,
some of them who could not be here.
They have been there for me in good and in bad times.
And I hope, I have been there for them too.
We spend a wonderful luncheon together,
we talked, laughed, ate and made merry.

 Our home was still in Christmas garb.

I am sharing with you some pictures of us!
None of us likes to have their picture taken.
So, with permission, I am posting a few.
Left to right....
my girlfriend Debbie, who lives in my town.
What would I do without my confidant,
and our almost daily chats!!!!
Next is wonderful, creative Paula.
I am being silly, and peeking over her shoulder.
Next  is sweet, giving Carole,
and funny, vivacious Deanna rounds out the bunch.

Yes, sweet generous Laura,
(you and Carole have bailed me out from my computer screw-ups innumerable times).
You did not get spared.
In the spirit of belated Christmas,
she tied a ribbon through her hair.
Laura is the cutest  gift to have!
And she did it in style with a French ribbon!

We girls created a "battlefield" of beautiful gifts, unwrapped.
There was lots of oohing, laughing and goodies  tasting.

It ended my Christmas season in the most wonderful way.

I am glad that you are all in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

is truly something to tweet about!!!!!!

God bless,

Saturday, January 12, 2013


I am ready to go bonkers......
I cannot download pictures from my Picasa onto my blog.
First I thought it was me.
For once it has nothing to do with my lack of computer skills.
I tried everything I could think of....which was not too much.
So, I just went on a google site.
They are working on it!!!!!!!!!Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a few cute pictures of our belated Christmas luncheon
with my girlfriends.
That will have to wait until we are in business again.
Boy, these repeated problems take all the fun out of blogging.

Wonder how many of my friends out there are having this to deal with too?!
OK, enough griping......
Hopefully I get back to it soon.
Patience, Evi, patience..........
God bless,