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Sunday, January 19, 2014


During the holiday season, hubby and I
took a trip to Pennsylvania,
in search of something that I have been looking for
 for good five years.
The beautiful, embroidered, fine antique wool fabric,
 I use on many of my creations.
It is VERY, VERY hard to find and can be quite pricey.
It was TIME to hit the road.
After we had exhausted all the other areas around us
(and yes, I have been on E-bay too many times),
we thought of Adamstown, in P.A.
It claims (and I swear it probably is) to be the
Antique Capital of the country.
We allowed for a three day journey, and I believe we
went to every antique store or mall in the vicinity.
First we went to Renninger's in Kutztown.
Lots of fun !!!!!
After that off to the Zionsville Antique Mall.
I literally and figuratively got lost in that
wonderful mall.
I spend hours finding great things,
alas, not what my heart desired most.
No matter, it was just the first day....
By the time I got through it all, it was 9:00 PM,
and time to leave.
We stayed in nearby Readding.
The next morning we had a big breakfast to make sure
we had the strength for all the antiquing to come.
And since it was right across from the Marriott,
we went to McDonald's.
Well, I have NEVER been so surprised!
It was not your average décor, oh no.
It was done really interesting,
starting with neat clocks all over the walls......

.....all the light fixtures were unusual......

I loved the art pottery.
Every piece I could have taken home.

Searching for the "little girls room",
was another surprise.
Stars everywhere !!!!1

Even in the Ladies Room,
topiaries to boot.
Nothing like this in our area, or anywhere else I have been.
Anybody out there have anything like this?
Just one other interesting experience while traveling.
But the search for the elusive fabric was still on.
We ended up in Adamstown.
You really need time to see it all.
We went from place to place, and nothing.....
I was about to give up....
After I had nearly done all of the last mall, I came upon
two booth filled with the most charming
antique dolls clothing,
 and everything to do with antique dolls.
Other antique items were mixed in as well,
 and after some looking, in a corner, on a rack,
tightly pushed together,
there they were.
Seven skirts ( this used to be under ware).
I could not believe it!!!!
And I must confess,
tears came involuntarily.
I was that happy.
While checking out, the lady behind the counter told
me that the owner of the booth had another location
in Adamstown.
We scooted over there (almost closing time)
and here we found this charming little village.
It brought back memories of Germany.
It is off the road a bit, and we would not have found it easily.
We met the owner of the shop, a charming lady,
who informed me that she had more of the woolen skirts, etc.
I should come back the next day.
And that we did!
But first a little stroll through this cute village setting....




Loved all the wrought iron work.

Hubby and I felt at home.
I think he wanted to move there.

We went to have lunch at the Black Angus,
which is right across through the arch.
There is a restaurant, not fancy, but with great food.
You can actually see them bake breads and
other goodies.
Of course we brought 5 different breads home with us.
Delicious !!!!
They also sell cheese.

Outside there were pretty murals.

And so, strengthened, we went back to my favorite shop
Plum Pudding Antiques Etc.
Janet Diefendorf, the owner,
greeted us warmly, and she was not kidding....
she had lots more wonderful clothing,
all with embroidery, lace, tucks etc.
She had been up late the night before washing
 and ironing it all.
How sweet is that!
While I got to choose from all the goodies
she had hung carefully on racks in the garage,
the hubbies were talking.
I felt like a kid in a candy shop.
Nothing like this has ever happened before.
I bought much, much more.
Janet, thank you so very, very much !

It will make its way into my new creations.
(All the dolls you see on this blog are spoken for)
So many of you love these fabrics,
and now I can make new things again.
Here are some of them....
They take my breath away....
To think people actually wore these pretty things under clothing.




I hope you enjoyed coming along.....
I am inspired, and am working on the next "babies".
I'll let you know when...
I wish you happy winter month.
Stay healthy and warm.
God bless,