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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sadly I am saying goodbye to Summer.

It seems like it passed me by.
The weather was strange for us on the East Coast.
We had very hot weather and many unusual storms.
It was the wettest Summer ever on record.
That and ill health seemed to prevent me from truly
enjoying  this season.

I am missing all the pretty butterflies already.

Soon all my garden decorations will be put away,
except for the ones that overwinter well.

Hubby covered the pool last weekend......
the water was just getting too cold.

Pillows will  be stored  away in a few weeks......

and flowers will no longer come from the garden.
It truly was a Hydrangea year.

My display of Summer hats will make
room for my mannequin,
which I will dress up for the coming seasons.

Even the straw hat lampshade and the
garden pillow will be changed out.
Yes, it is time to move on.

So, in the spirit of the arrival
of the Fall season, and Halloween,
kitty Sylvester gives you a taste of what is to come.

I hope everyone will have a delightful Fall season.
Stay well and enjoy!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


These last nearly five weeks have been hard.

I have terrible upper back problems, and it seems
very hard to resolve. Under doctors care, I hope
to get better soon.
I am running out of patience......there is soooo
much to do, and I can't do it.

Nonetheless, I was determent to get posts out today!

Before all of this happened I had a get-together
with friends.
I finally got to have our  Christmas with Laura in August.
Where did the time go....
and I want to forget a lot about this year.
Well getting to be with Laura was wonderful.
We exchanged very belated gifts.
Here is my little rabbit salt and pepper dish
that Laura gave me.
I love it!

She also gave me this beautiful doily.
It is an ink drawing by
Michelle L. Palmez called
"Songbird in Appletree - Springtime"
I think I might integrate it into a pillow.

Laura had to leave early and could not join
me and the "Sister Act" for lunch.

The "sister act" are very, very dear friends.
There were four sisters that I met through
my doll making.
Each of them appreciates and loves hand-made things,
as well as antiques.
Sadly, this year one of them passed away.
Greg is sorely missed!
Clara, Norma and Louisa gave me this
wonderful antique finial.
I admired it at a store for a long time.
Well, low and behold,,,
I got it as a Christmas in August gift.
How sweet is that!

Boy, do my friends have me pegged.
I had a birthday luncheon for my friend Debbie.
And I, as the hostess, got these lovely rabbit towels.
Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits........

My birthday is in May and this was the
birthday gift I got from Debbie.
Don't you just LOVE it!
I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I thought, this is natures gift to me......
Have you ever seen a Fingerling potato
shaped like a heart?
Next to it is one out of Alabaster.
I find this amazing.

OK, here are my acquisitions.....
First of all I love Pottery Barn.
Second of all, these towels had my name on it!
Had to have them.

....third of all...
these dogs were calling my name.
(have you heard of this talking Siberian Husky
who says...I love you...)

Well These two were saying it to me,
and naturally I had to give them a good home.

If you don't have the real ones,
you can always fall in love with a pillow!

Everyone, enjoy every happy and healthy day.
We in  Eastern New York, and all
along the East Coast, had a really bad time of late.
I hope that you all stay well, and I wish for all the
people in Texas and other drought stricken places,
that you get relief soon.

God bless,


Have a look and enjoy!

God bless,