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Sunday, November 24, 2013


From my family to yours......

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope, and wish that you enjoy a wonderful holiday
with your loved ones.
This is a time where we are trying not to dwell
on things we cannot change,
but be thankful and appreciate what we have.
We will be spending time with our son and grandchildren.
Peter is preparing a wonderful meal,
(he is a great cook)
and we are looking forward to good talk,
much laughter and happy thoughts.
You have not heard much from me recently.
Here is a quick update.....
Hubby is still dealing with lots of medical issues.
Every time I think we reached the end,
something new pops up.
I am also working feverishly on Santa's and
snow girls for an upcoming blog sale.
(I have two big shows under my belt....,
stressful this time)
I am hoping that soon things get back to my new normal.
Sending everyone hugs and wishes for the best holiday!!!!
God bless,