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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


First I would like to thank everyone who visited  my blog show,
and everyone who gave my babes a new home.
I know each one will have a home where they will be loved.
Making them gives me great joy and satisfaction.
As I always say, it keeps me sane.

And speaking of a home where there is love,
I would like to share a photo that has a very special place in
our hearts........The Holiday Picture of our blended family.

I think you can see the love and happiness in this photo.

Our son Pete, our grandchildren Alexandra and David and our
soon to be daughter in law Heather and  her son Jake.

We love you guys!!!!!
And we are looking forward to a wonderful holiday together.

Wishing everyone happy holidays
spend with loved ones.
God bless,

Friday, December 4, 2015


Hello to everyone!
It's been such a long time since I posted anything.
I had a hard time remembering how.
It has been a hard road at times,
but there have been good moments too.
I try to appreciate what is now,
not always easy.
But when you hear of all the horrible things
that are going on in this world,
you have to count your blessings and hold on tight to
what really matters, family and friends.
My thoughts and prayers are with all the families
that have been affected by this senseless tragedy.
Every time something like this happens I have just one question
Answers fail me.
As to things around here.....
I went thru pictures a few days ago and wondered
where my year went.
It is still Fall and I thought I share a few from the
late Summer 'till now.
Who knows whether we will still be living here
next year.
The house is going on the market coming Spring.
We have done so much work....
and are still not quite finished.
I hope the next family will love and appreciate our  home
as much as we have.
It will be sad to say goodbye.

He...or she is thinking
"it's all mine....don't get any ideas"

This little fellow just stuffed his cheeks.
I love them all!
Except for the very large bear we had this Summer
and a poisonous snake.
Both scared me halve to death!
The bear was bending a wrought iron bar
that hangs our bird feeders down to the ground
I won't miss that when we move into town!

Ebbie found this very neat hornets nest among
the wisteria,
thank God empty.
I did not have time to sit under the arbor with the wisteria
this year.
It has dried out now and still looks really interesting.

I took this picture just before we closed the pool.
Love the reflection.


I am overwintering many plants in our house
this year.
When hubby stopped working end of last year,
 I lost my "greenhouse"
which was his office.
It had the perfect light and temperature.

I am ending with a cute little winter bunny.
Sometime next week
I will post some new winter creations
for sale in my blog shop.
I will let you know the date.
With all that has been going on here,
there has been very little time to be creative.
Meanwhile I wish everyone a happy
Holiday season.
May God bless you and keep you safe!