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Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am making a change !!!

That change would NOT have been
possible without the help and patience
of my very dear friend Laura!!!!!!!!!!

She is my "guiding light" with all of my
computer questions and woes.

Thank you with all my heart,
I love you my friend for being kind
and always being there for all of us,
and just simply.... for being you!

From now on my dolls and other creations
will have their own blog.....

Evis Country Snippets Shop

Click HERE

or click on the rabbit under the right side of my header.

This will be less confusing for everyone.
No more searching for the doll posts.

Also my Show Announcements are going
to be on that site.

I hope you will come over to visit
and enjoy my babies!

As of next week I will be carrying PAYPAL.

That should make shopping easier.

Thank you and God bless.

A little more news...

I have just been invited to join in the celebration

on Sunday, December 5 th, 2010 at

The New England Historical Connection

300 Danbury Road, Rte.7

Wilton, CT 06897


The OPEN HOUSE is from

10:00 to 5:00

Besides beautiful Custom Designed Furniture,
lighting etc.,

there will be American Handcrafted Folk Art

and even a visit from Santa himself around 12:30
in the afternoon.

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday if you are
in the area.

Because I will be very, very busy sewing,
I will not be blogging for the next
couple of weeks.

I wish everyone a very
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Enjoy your families and friends. Lets all be
grateful for what we have, and not only
wanting what is out of our reach.

I wish you health and happiness!

God bless,

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Greetings from "EVI'S SANTA"

"Evi's Santa" is 20 " tall and stands on
a painted and antiqued wooden base.

I used a vintage wool blanket to make
his coat.
The belt is a beautiful piece of wool trim,
and the buckle is mother of pearl.

His Christmas tree is a vintage bottle brush tree.

I hand-molded his head from paper-clay,
which I then painted and antiqued.

His beard and hair are soft sheep's wool.

The little pull toy was purchased and meant
to be a Christmas ornament.

His toys are carried in an antique berry
The little doll is made by me using paper-clay,
which is painted, antiqued and dressed in
vintage fabric.
My hubby makes all my Noah's Arks, which
I then paint.
Santa also carries a plush teddy, some little
vintage soldiers, a vintage wooden block,
a star, greens and red berries.

Evi's Santa is $ 378.00 plus shipping.
Evi's Santa is sold! Thank you very much.


He stands 20" tall on a stained
wooden base.

The coat is made from beautiful wool,

and has a cape.

Santa's face is hand-sculpted by me from
paper-clay, painted and antiqued.

His hair and beard are sheep's wool.

Besides his wonderful basket of goodies,

he is walking a little sheep.

Don't know where I got it, but it is sweet!

He carries a cute little dolly.
She is made by me from paper-clay
and dressed in vintage fabric.

His basket carries small treasures,
a sailing ship, a teddy, little soldier, a star,
greenery and red berries, and a
wonderful little hand-made log cabin.
( It was once meant to be a necklace pendant,
but is not made by me)
The little Noah's Ark on the other hand
was made by hubby and painted by me.

Here is another view of this
harbinger of Christmas.

The Traditional Santa is sold!

Thank you.


God bless,


Monday, November 8, 2010


Sweetie was sold at the show.
Thank you.

To all my customers - friends,
old and new,
I want to say a very special ....THANK YOU...

I appreciate you all loving my dolls,
and giving them a welcoming new home.

Happy Holidays,

God bless,

Monday, November 1, 2010


The last fresh flowers before the frost!

Although I love Fall, it saddens me to see
everything die back.
You know, that the long Winter is not far away.
So here are a few snapshots of the
passing of Fall.

Don't know what these charming little flowers are called,
but they bloom last in my garden.

My hubbies favorite is the way the sun
bounces of these tall grasses.

The last of the " New Dawn " roses.

I just harvested tons of flowers from my Hydrangeas.
Great for decorating the house in the coming month.

I am drying them slowly in a dark spot in just one
inch of water.
That works well for me, as it keeps the colors.

My favorite tree, my dogwood which I call the "Snow queen".

Pretty pumpkins.
Bought them on a trip to Pennsylvania.
The varieties were endless!

A passing visitor looking for acorns.

Now that the frost got the pumpkins,
I don't mind that the squirrels are
getting their share.

It is very funny to watch!!!!!!!!!


When I see this, I can feel Winter is right
around the corner.

Our sons cat Ralphie stayed with us a bit.
Here you can see that he has the right idea........
preferably sleep through the Winter!

Wish I could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the warms of a fireplace,
or any other way to keep warm!
God bless,