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Monday, November 1, 2010


The last fresh flowers before the frost!

Although I love Fall, it saddens me to see
everything die back.
You know, that the long Winter is not far away.
So here are a few snapshots of the
passing of Fall.

Don't know what these charming little flowers are called,
but they bloom last in my garden.

My hubbies favorite is the way the sun
bounces of these tall grasses.

The last of the " New Dawn " roses.

I just harvested tons of flowers from my Hydrangeas.
Great for decorating the house in the coming month.

I am drying them slowly in a dark spot in just one
inch of water.
That works well for me, as it keeps the colors.

My favorite tree, my dogwood which I call the "Snow queen".

Pretty pumpkins.
Bought them on a trip to Pennsylvania.
The varieties were endless!

A passing visitor looking for acorns.

Now that the frost got the pumpkins,
I don't mind that the squirrels are
getting their share.

It is very funny to watch!!!!!!!!!


When I see this, I can feel Winter is right
around the corner.

Our sons cat Ralphie stayed with us a bit.
Here you can see that he has the right idea........
preferably sleep through the Winter!

Wish I could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the warms of a fireplace,
or any other way to keep warm!
God bless,


  1. Beautiful pictures, Evi. I especially like the sqirrels and the kitty. I'm hoping for a snowy winter here. We don't usually get much and things look so pretty.

  2. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures.
    Love it when the deer visit.
    I'm not looking forward to the snow either.

  3. Beautiful images! That snow queen is gorgeous. ~ Sarah

  4. Liebste Evi,
    was für wundervolle herbstliche Impressionen......wie herrlich, wenn Garten und Natur so nahtlos ineinander übergehen!!! Und die Mieze ist einfach zum Knuddeln.....sooooo süß!!!! Muss derzeit leider das Bett hüten, hab ne schlimme Grippe, aber vielleicht gibt es diese Woche noch neue Bilder bei mir!!!! Ich schick dir allerliebste Grüße,

    bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  5. It is amazing how Nature hangs on with the gift of a beautiful flower for late in the season. I have several roses ( I call them November roses) that have just begun to open.
    The kitty has a perfect idea.
    Susan x

  6. Evi,
    I love your blog and your photographs are beautiful. Also love your dolls!


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