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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It was supposed to be
"The spooky Season".
It was supposed to be

Instead we got WINTER!

We had 18 inches of snow in a day.
or about 46 centimeters.

Everyone is disgusted, dismayed, upset, etc, etc,
and simply just plain sick off it !!!!

It looks weird with most of the leaves still
on the trees and bushes.
It created havoc with trees coming down everywhere.
Everyone we know, lost power.
All in all about two million people had no
electricity because of this storm.
We were nearly 4 days without power
and no land line phone service either.
Thank God we have a big generator
and had all the necessary essentials.
Our son and grand kids did not however.
So we made up beds and huddled together.......
and had fun.
For him it will be one more night.
Hopefully life will get back to normal
for everyone.

I caught this very confused deer looking for food.
The day before it was fall and still plenty to eat.

And when there is nothing much to do...
you text......

or just cuddle.

And even though it looked like winter,
we celebrated Halloween.
So after all, we had our treats
 to munch on, and the best treat was just
 all of us being safe together.

I hope, you all are doing fine
out there in blog land.
God bless,


  1. Oh no! I had no idea you received that much!

    MAybe this will mean a kinder winter this year than last? One can hope?
    Stay safe and warm..

  2. Wow! You got more than we did EVi! But we still have no power and have had to move in with my sister Mary Beth over in Westchester! It is unbelievable the damage that was done. All our dogwoods are split in two...gone. It is so sad! Oh well, at least our homes are in one piece. Hoping the power is restored tomorrow!
    Glad you are all safe and warm.

  3. I'm so sorry you lost your power that long...but it looks like you made the best of it!


  4. Wow! We haven't had anything like that yet.....touch wood! It's beautiful looking but way too soon, glad you are all okay!

  5. Oh my Evi!
    So much snow in October it's unbelievable! I can not imagine to be without power that must be awful, thinking I couldn't even make hot water *EEK*
    Glad to hear that you have a generator and that you and your family are safe and warm! The poor deer though! Fingers crossed the snow will melt again soon and not come back before Christmas!

    Sending you belated happy Hallowen wishes and as always I loved all your latst creations and decorations!

    xoxo~ Carola

  6. Oh dear Evi,
    that is Way TOO BEAUTIFUL-and WAY TOO MUCH....
    How glad I am for you, you could stay safe at home, and even help your family- to stay warm and cosy. Your photoes of the magic ,are stunning, dear friend.
    I hope all will soon be back to normal, and every one have their power back.
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  7. I thought about you when I saw the weather....didn't realize you got soooo much. You are fortunate to have that generator. Glad you got to have some fun despite the situation. Annette

  8. Gosh I feel guilty having power. I know so many still don't but I had no idea it hit you guys that badly. Our snow was gone almost the next day.
    The upside was that you got to spend some time with your lovely family!


  9. Oh Evi, das mit dem Schnee war wirklich etwas früh, hoffentlich ist er mittlerweile wieder geschmolzen?!! Aber deine Familie scheint sich rundum wohlzufühlen...........kein Wunder, bei dem herrlich kuschligen Zuhause!!! Bei uns ist es noch sehr warm und das Licht betörend golden, aber lange wird das wohl auch nicht mehr andauern, der Winter steht bestimmt schon in den Starlöchern!!! Alles Liebe und eine himmlische Woche,

    bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  10. Oh my gosh! I heard about the snow in the EAST. Did you still have all your pots outside? I enjoy the down time the weather seems to bring, it does provide time for family, however it does create some momets of frustration when you are not prepared. Hope this does not mean for a long winter. Hope all is well with you!!! Hugs Mary

  11. Tausend Dank, für deine sooooooo lieben Zeilen, liebste Evi und ich drück ganz fest die Daumen, dass alles wunderbar klappt, das wird es auch, ganz bestimmt - ich denk an dich!!!

    Allerliebste Grüße und viel Glück, herzlichst Jade

  12. Evi, I was in Baltimore for Halloween. It was snowing when I arrived on Saturday. Such strange weather around the country. Glad you had backup power so you stayed warm.
    Love the black crow with the pumpkin witch. Too cute! Stop by if you get a chance. Black crows are definitely here at HFTS. ;-)
    ~ Sarah


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