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Monday, February 6, 2012


By now you all know, that I am a doll maker.
So, my heart always goes to fabrics and all things
And of course anything else that catches my fancy.
Here are the " treasures" that came home with me.

This beautiful robe must have been part
of a play. I am not sure of the date, but
it maybe from the 1920 TH.
Does anybody have an idea?

It has all this lovely detailing and is made from velvet.

Inside is this label.
Has anybody ever heard of this company?

You can see also on the lining that it is quite old.
It is lined with this pretty old shirting.

I fell in love with this sweet little coat made from very
fine wool.

I have a passion for vintage sewing notions.
These came in a beautiful old sewing basket.

What a wonderful way to package straight pins!

Sweet little fabric flowers in a tiny silver vessel
marked 1933.

Something else I love are tiny white doll dishes.
I always wonder which little girl played with them.
Perhaps she had tea parties for her dolls and teddies.

More notions and a little Christmas stocking.
I also found old sheet music to be used for
some future project.

This was my "treasure" basket.
Laura, I hope you like it!

I can see some of my witches with these
vintage party toys.
They have such cute designs.

No antiquing trip would be complete for me, without
bringing home some antique or vintage fabrics.
In my mind, I am dressing dolls.
What fun I will have!!!!

All through the Christmas season I was looking for
an old silver tray for my big candles, and now I have found it.
 Better late than never!
Have not decided whether to polish or not.

I think it will be pretty for every season.
There is something magical about old silver plate.

I like to wish you all a happy
Valentine's Day.

May you be blessed to spend it in the company of loved ones!
Love truly makes the world go round!

Oh, by the way, the antique mall was in Coxsackie, N.Y.
And we also spent time in Catskill, alas, way to short.
Our next trip will be back there and to
Hudson, N.Y.
I am already looking forward to that.

God bless you all,


  1. hallo liebe evi,
    JA, bei uns ist es immer noch so kalt.hier in niederösterreich haben wir so um die -15° aber in den bergen ist es bedeutend kälter.
    deine nostalgische kleidung und die netten kleinigkeiten gefallen mir ausgesprochen gut. bin ja so für das "nostalgische"....
    ganz liebe grüsse

  2. OH,OH,OH dearest Evi,
    what treasures you have found, unbelivable for me ,to come home with so many beautiful finds from one trip.
    The sewing notions are so wonderful, and the basket with blue lovely faded fabric inside is fantastic.And ofcourse I also love your gorgeous robe and the little coat- all things to admire.
    I`m so happy for you, that there were so much treasures to bring home .
    Much love and hugs, from me.

  3. What a treasure trove of findings Evi... I can hardly wait to see what magic you will make with them.
    A old city directory of the robe maker's hometown may yield a little more info... try contacting their library.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Susan x

  4. Hi Evi, what a beautiful post this morning! I would have loads of fun antiquing with you,we love the same things. The black velvet robe is very special and the tag even more so...and the sewing notions....I could go on! I know you will turn theses treasures into treasures for someone else to cherish...happy sewing and Valentine's Day to you,N.xo

  5. Oh my goodness! All of it is wonderful. Suzy x

  6. Oh,my,my!! The treasures you found are amazing. They all made me sigh. I have one of those little round straight pin holders but thought it was just a pin cushion because there was nothing on the bottom.

  7. You did really well. I checked where Coxsackie is and it's north of you....sadly too far for me but with all your goodies it does tempt me. That robe is fantastic and would look great on your mannequin but the angel wings are perfect for Valentines Day!
    Can't wait to see it all in person soon.

  8. Wonderful finds Evi - love vintage sewing notions too. The basket with the silk fabric is just awesome.

  9. Sweet finds Evi!!
    I think of you and your doll making often...a fellow shop girl finds the sweetest vintage baby clothes!

  10. I envy the gals who get to visit and see it all next week <3

    Happy Valentines Day Evi

  11. Wonderful finds! So many little goodies here...I like to go to that antique mall too and have stopped several times on my trips back and forth to the lake...all thanks to you telling me about it! LOVE the sewing basket! SEE YOU SOON!! :)

  12. Dear Evi!

    I am getting palpitations from seeing all these delights. There is so much magic here amongst the theatrical costumes (one of my passions too), vintage sewing notions and that wonderful doll's set of plates.

    I wish I could help you with the precise dating of your initial costume but all the reading material I have on this subject are prior to 18OO. Aren't those details exquisite?

    Sigh of pleasure ensues.

    I wish you a beautiful weekend and look forward to seeing what magic you will concoct with your finds.


    ps IF you have a few seconds I would be so very grateful if you could pop over to my space and give your EXPERIENCED and honest opinion on my rabbit! Please don't feel obliged however!

  13. What a great trip you had Evi and I totally love every single item you purchased! So many finds to enjoy an to play with!
    I'm sure that you Valentine's day party was wonderful and can't wait to hear all about it and to see some photos! Oh how nosey do I sound!
    Sending you a big Valentine hug!
    xoxo~ Carola

  14. Das sind so wundervolle Schätze, liebste Evi - so voller Charme und Nostalgie! Das Puppengeschirr ist einfach zauberhaft und das kleine weiße Mäntelchen (oder Kleidchen?) soooooo süß..........ein Traum, wenn man solch betörende Stücke findet!!! Der bestickte Samtmantel ist auch etwas ganz besonderes - bestimmt werden all die Schätze deine Fantasie wieder sehr beflügeln und gedanklich in dein künstlerisches Schaffen einfließen! Ich hoffe sehr, es geht dir gut......bei uns wird es nun zum Glück deutlich wärmer (um die Null Grad) und fast schon frühlingshaft, im Vergleich zu den eisigen Temperaturen der letzten Wochen!!

    Ein herrliches Wochenende und allerliebste Grüße,
    bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  15. I just found you and I love your blog! I am a new follower. Hope you'll drop by and say hello.


  16. Your home is so beautiful and you have bought such lovely treasures to add to it. The silver tray is very pretty and I love your heart trimmed dress form!


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