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Monday, April 16, 2012


Knock, and enter our porch in progress.
Because of ongoing back problems, the old twig furniture
was no longer an option.
With an upper-back herniated disk, which is still bothering me,
I made the decision to go for more comfort.
Yes, I will miss my old furniture and the rustic look,
but it is going to a very good home to my friend
Laura's@ 52flea house in the Adirondacks.
It fits there perfectly!!!!!

The new set is very comfortable.

Flowers are blooming everywhere......

like these beautiful tulips.......thank you Heather.....
I just love them!!!!

And so, with spring all around me.....

........ I am eager to nest again!

The porch is coming together.
I will tweak as I go along.
Slipcovers out of linen have to be made yet,
something for shade has to be decided on, etc.

That is the part I like most.

Soon all the plants will come home from my
husbands office, where they over-wintered.

We bought this bucket bench when we vacationed in
The patina is wonderful.
Now most of my bee skeps have found the perfect home.

Hubby build the shelves under the eaves.
Many of my birdhouses are displayed there.
This one is very special......

.....and so is this house.
It feels kind of "witchie".

Can't wait for all the trees to be green.

I am wishing you a happy and peaceful week.

God bless,


  1. Dearest Evi, oh it is looking beautiful, as is here, I understand you will miss them- but on the other hand, is is so much worth that we can enter our chairs without pain!
    Your bee skeps are so beautiful, I have been looking here, without never finding one... And yiour birds homes- are so wonderful both, and reminds me of Dean`s fantastic houses.
    Love your white dove as well.
    Nothing new from here yet, still waiting for the examination...
    Warm hugs and many warm thoughts, from Dorthe

  2. Hello Evi,
    I love to visit your beautiful home...you are so kind to share all these lovely photos. Your bird "estates" are wonderful, and the white dove is a real beauty.
    Have lovely day and take good care,

  3. Evi, your porch looks to be a beautiful and comfortable retreat. Comfort is difinately important! Laura will give the vintage twig pieces a good home, and you can even visit. Spring is here in TX, so we are enjoying pleasant times on our porch and the terrace. So happy to see a post from you. Happy, happy spring! - Sarah

  4. Your new porch furniture is wonderful, very relaxing I am sure. I'm looking forward to seeing the slip covers and tweaking. Your bee skeps and birdhouses are fabulous! Lovely collection of both!

    We have another 4 weeks here in the Midwest before flowers can be planted. I am trying to make myself happy with those I can find at the store!

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!


  5. I love the new furniture Evi!
    It looks wonderful there and fits in perfectly. Comfort is a good thing!
    Your bee skeps look fabulous grouped together like that. I didn't remember that you had so many! Love the family pics on the sidebar too...a good looking and happy bunch! See you soon...Laura :)

  6. Hello Evi, the porch looks lovely.
    I'm sure you will continue to make it exactly to your taste and style.
    I'm sorry that your back is painful, here's hoping that the warmth, sunshine and the new furniture make it easier for you.
    Love to you.

  7. Your new furniture looks ever so comfy Evi.
    I love that special birdhouse too.
    Don't do too much at once and save your back... I think the delightful chair is a perfect spot to contemplate your next project.
    Susan x

  8. My dear blog friend, Love your new furniture it looks like something I have, I also have the shovel door knocker on my little shop on my property.......glad you were able to see your old furniture go to someone so special........hope you are feeling well and trying to not over do it. I am doing great after my heart surgery and looking forward to another 50 years. Much love Mary

  9. Hi Evi...what a great place to relax! Love all your little details!
    Happy week to you too!

  10. I love your porch, it makes me feel very much at home. I will be posting photos of mine soon and if you visit you'll see why. We totally have the same tastes in decorating. I do love the white with the natural wood and wicker that you have, it is so calming and beautiful. Your entire blog is beautiful. Your newest follower, Connie :) Come on over, my welcome mat is always out. My blog is a little busy, I wear a lot of hats: artist, photographer, musician, paper crafter, gardener . . . I'm just a retired grandma, enjoy every day the good Lord blesses me with.

  11. I love your porch and the design is so open to your beautiful garden. I love all the furniture and your antiques and collectibles make it a place to go and unwind. What a special place. Would love for you to share on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Everyone will love the birdhouses too!


  12. Hi Evi (what a cute name),

    I just found your blog an hour or so ago via an image on Pinterest, and what a charming and cozy blog this is. I am your newest follower. I love your style and love, love, love your bee skep collection. I've been collecting images for an upcoming post but found your blog from your artillery basket image and just happened upon this post. Your yard and all that I've seen is just lovely. I can't wait to come back when I have some more free time and look around! I know I'm going to enjoy it!

    Have a nice day,


  13. Hi Evi!
    I found this and thought it would help you link up to my party and other peoples parties. Have a great night.



  14. Evi, I love it. I just want to curl up and have a long chat with you while we enjoy your view! Glad you went for comfort. I have 2 bulging discs and I can't imagine how it would hurt to have one rupture. You deserve all the comforts you can get!!
    Annette xoxo

  15. Love the new furniture. You are right comfort is the up most important but you didn't compromise on style.
    Your old furniture has found a happy home with Laura which will fit right in with her look. I'm sure she was thrilled.


  16. well I love your new porch furniture !!! I also love twig furniture, BUT, as a 56 year old woman with back problems too, I understand the need for comfort first! But, I think you have comfort and style on your porch and inside your home too!

  17. Evi, your back porch looks so inviting. Love how you have accented with your bee keeps and bird houses.
    It's not overdone.

  18. Dear Evi, I have been MIA lately....but stopped by to say how beautiful your new porch looks....perfect for resting a weary soul after a day in the garden! All your collections fit in so well, and the new furniture looks so comfy....I can just see myself sinking in to the cushions....love your primitive bird house too...take care and remember, rest is a requisite this time of year, when we tend to take on too much! N.xo

  19. Evi, stopping by this morning to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. Hope you are enjoying your porch.

    Hugs ~ Sarah

  20. Evi... what a beautiful blog you have here! Such wonderful photos :)


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