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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


As promised, I am doing a show and tell
of the goodies that made it home with me.

I have been wanting an old olive basket since I
first saw them awhile ago.
I even had my friend Laura@52 flea
looking for me, since she visits fleamarkets more than I do.
She had seen them while in Florida, but did not get to buy
one for me.
 I was soooo happy to see them at Lillian August,
the store we first visited.
The price, with their sale, was even better.
Hooray for me!!!!!
I have it in the entrance foyer-breakfast room
where it holds some of my favorite magazines.

Loved this chair at Lillian August, and it moves between the
outside and our family room.

I have wanted this book ever since it came out.
I love his clean decorating style,
and the wonderful teddies he makes.
If you gals own this book, you know what I mean.
His bears are absolutely charming......

....and so is his home.
I got both chair, book and all the other things I had to have on sale.
Woohoo,Yippee, hooray!!!!

The hanging "chandelier" came from Terrain.
I think it was meant to be just a wire cloche.
Since I also bought the glass jars....
(well, you know from my last post, the trouble I got into)....
the two things just went together.
The little glasses became the clappers.
I keep them filled with cut flowers and herbs.

Sometimes I put a candle in the top....

....or a fern.
It looks to me like it is supposed to hold a plant.
Anyway, I like the look over the little
round table where hubby and I eat most of our meals
in the mild seasons.

More goodies from Lillian August.
The ribbons will adorn my dolls......
love them.
And of course I have been playing with the jars.
The contents keep changing.

At Terrain I bought some unusual little ferns and plants.
In the fall I will make a terrarium.
That store inspired me so much!

My new doll is starting an Americana series,
(after all, we are in an election year)
and which I will post for sale soon.
So, my doll and I wish you all a happy and safe
Independence Day.

I am happy to be a citizen of this country,
proud of the freedom to live as we wish,
to express our thoughts freely.
 I want to thank everyone in the Armed Forces
for keeping us all safe.
My gratitude goes out to them.
 To everyone out there,
Happy 4 TH of July.
Happy Birthday America!
God bless,


  1. It all looks wonderful Evi.
    Happy Fourth to you!

  2. Hi Evi...
    Happy 4th of July to you and Eb!
    I love all your treasures....your chair is fab...the wire bell with the glass clappers...wonderful! So many goodies you found! Love your new Americana doll too. Miss you much...
    Laura :)

  3. Dear Evi, Happy 4`th of July to you and your husbond.
    And thanks for showing your very wonderful goodies.
    I so love the cloche with the hanging "gardens" looking fantastic over your round table, -and the olive basket ,WOW a great buy.Not to speak of your wonderful chair- and book. You did GOOD Evi.
    I love your new doll line, she is so sweet, and her hair so wonderfully made.
    Sweet friend, thank`s for your lovely mail, you will hear from me :-)
    Much love and hugs-

  4. I just adore everything you have and do. Happy 4th July to you. x

  5. You found so many wonderful things, Evi! This sounds like a great shop and I love Terrain. Beautiful chairs and the wire chandy looks wonderful.

    Happy 4th of July to you! :)


  6. Oh Evi....what fun stuff you have! I've also wanted an olive bucket since I first saw one...maybe I'll luck into a good deal too! Have a safe and happy Fourth..

  7. Love the olive basket...not sure if I've ever seen one before now.
    Love the hanging chandelier too!
    I have that same book...it is a good one!!
    Have a Happy 4th of July.

  8. Being an ex green card holder I am happy to be a US citizen now though I will always be a dual citizen of France too.
    I am drooling over all your new goodies. That cloche is brilliant and you have everything looking very gardeny.

    Opps just got back to finish this comment....how many hours later?

    I get so distracted:)

  9. You sure got some wonderful goodies Evi - that store looks awesome.
    Hope you had a great 4th of july

  10. Evi, I missed this one before the 4th. Fun to see your new finds. Great looking chair. Don't you just love to have a chair that moves about freely? ;-)
    Cute little Miss. I look forward to seeing your new series.

  11. Dear Evi, always so nice to visit here....I have enjoyed your summer outings to all those fabulous stores...and now your treasures and how you have made them your own in your beautiful spaces....your little doll is a treasure! I love the little details you add to make them so special...I am staying up beat and positive in the midst of all our upheaval, grateful is the operative word, isn't it? N.xoxo


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