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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


After a few days away from home,
and seeing places decorated to perfection,
I am ready to pretty up our abode.
This year it seems to take a bit more to
get me in the spirit of Christmas.
What better way to get there, than
to dress up my mannequin for the
A few weeks ago I purchased this child's little hoop
I am intrigued with all the little snaps to adjust the
length of the skirt.
The minute I bought it, I knew that I wanted it
for my dress form.
With a few sprigs of princess pine, vintage silver tinsel,
  some glitter stars spelling out "WISH",
I was all set.
Changing her for the seasons is always great fun.
So far I have mainly focused on the entrance
foyer - breakfast room.
This year I am staying with natural colors
mixed with some red, a bit of silver,
and naturally greens.
I bought this stocking last weekend from
Sandi of the Cottage Muse
in Wrentham, M.A.
I was sad that we missed each other again!
The store was an absolute delight,
and I came home with more than one item.
I actually made myself a doll.
You know what they say about the shoemaker...
that goes for me too.
My dear friend Paula is smitten with this
little lady, and would have liked to add her to
her collection.
When I bought this spool,
(and I don't really know what it was actually used for),
my hubby wondered why I wanted it.
I too had no idea.
It turned out that it was perfect for
a winter wonderland snow gal.
On the night from the 5th to the 6th, St. Nick in
Germany brings goodies to good children
and coal to bad ones, which he puts into the
shoes left out for him.
This is my homage to this custom.
I bought myself the little shoes-clogs,
(on the left) this weekend in an antique store in
Sturbridge, MA.
I LOVE, LOVE them!!!!!
A sweet little wagon, which we purchased (plus a bigger version),
when we were in Germany, is taking sheep for a joy ride.
Lots of work and love went into this little treasure.
I have many teddies that I collected....stored away.
The other day I unearthed this fellow from 1982 by Dakin.
He came with the scarf and socks.
The little angel on the mirror got her wings.
I have a thing for stockings, preferably antique.
I found these also this past weekend, plus the lace.
Did I need them....NO....., do I love them.....YES!
Look at the details!
These are the little Dutch shoes.
The upper part is leather, and the soles are wood.
As sweet as they are, I don't envy the child that had
to wear them.
The little buckles snap into each other.
I don't think they saw a lot of use.
So much beautiful workmanship.
We were in Connecticut on Saturday, and in Rhode Island
and Massachusetts on Sunday.
It reminds me of a quote from a movie....or was it the title....
"if it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium"..
We had lunch in Stony Creek, overlooking the
Thimble Islands.
I am always amazed what people will do for unique homes.
Can you imagine if you just quickly need milk or bread?!
After lots of shopping we went to our friend Paula's
house. I quickly took some pictures outside,
because we were off to do more shopping.
By the time we got back, it was dark, so I did not take
pictures of the inside.
It was absolutely breathtaking.
But there will be some upcoming exciting news soon.
In Massachusetts we stopped at a farm that grows herbs and lots
of other things in Brookfield, MA.
They also have many animals, this peacock being just one of them.
It is called the Walker Homestead.
The home is a beautiful old dwelling that takes you back in time,
and the lady of the house is charming.
They also sell antiques and smalls from their home.
Hubby made himself comfortable and 
found a new friend.
They look good together.
He rested, I shopped!
My guy has the patience of a saint!!!!!
Here is my angel greeting
all who enter.
May you all be blessed with a wonderful season,
filled with joy and anticipation.
There will be more  Christmas to come from
our home.
God bless,


  1. It all looks wonderful Evi.

    I do know that film and it was the title... If it's Tuesday this must be Belgium, I believe and I believe it is dialogue also. I never knew anyone else who knew that movie!!! It came out in 1969> I was a sophomore in HS and went to see it on a date..lol I refer to it a lot on crazy weeks..
    Merry Christmas <3

  2. So many beautiful photographs and good things to read.
    As I've said before I wish I could magic myself and arrive in your house to see all the lovely things.
    Its just magical !

    Love to you

  3. Everything is gorgeous Evi. I love the little clogs...

    Susan x

  4. Evi, just a winter wonderland...can't wait to see the rest !!! Also, if you wish...stop by to see my fledging blog, I think you will like my post on German Stollen!!! smiles, Linda

  5. Evi,
    I just marvel at your attention to detail, and all your lovely elements! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures (and hope to see more). I was thrilled to see a few pics of Paula's home as well. Happy decorating and Merry Christmas!

  6. Hi Evi, I love the doll you made for yourself. You have such a great talent! Your home looks lovely as always. Hope you Chistmas season is full of joy!

  7. Evi, my dear , your home is a dream to see, for me.
    I am so admirering your artist skills, and your gorgeous way of decorating.
    Everything in the beautiful country style, but with your own touch of here and now. Just to see the photo with your stunning Snow Doll, ,the old bottle brush trees and that sweet rabbit and the grenerys is a fantastic display. I love your welcoming angel, and the village under the cloche- allso lovely in wjite and silver.
    So very beautiful all, my dear friend. Also it was good to see your husbond, now I know -when we talk-how he looks :-)
    Hugs and much love

  8. Hi Evi...you really did find some wonderful things on this trip! I adore those little clogs...so unique and sweet! Your snowgirl on the old spool is wonderful as is that new Santa! Love the hoop on the dress form too! Can't wait to see more... Sending love and xmas cheer...Laura

  9. Evi, you are a tease! I'm eager to see more of your beautiful home dressed for Christmas. Love you Winter Wonderland girl. She has such a sweet face, and her wool jacket is gorgeous. Oh for that tiny waist once again. LOL
    All the best to you, dear friend...........Sarah

  10. Hello Dear Evi, I love all the old world touches, which makes such a connection with me...the little shoes and those gorgeous stockings, beautifully displayed. Your little snow village under the cloche and your new creation, Snow Girl, I could go on and on. Your attention to detail is very evident and shines !! I know you are enjoying this beautiful season, hugs and very best wishes, N.xo

  11. As I am reading along catching up with you and I saw that stocking I said to myself it is like the one I had in my booth! I can't believe I missed meeting you again! So happy you visited the shop again ~ you know what they say, third time's a charm! Your little clogs are so, so sweet! Sounds like a fun and successful road trip!

  12. Evi
    I believe there is only one word to describe your decorating/creating sense and that is ELEGANT!
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  13. Just found your blog through Pinterest. Love your home and all your very cute vintage Christmas decorations. Great table and chairs and hutch in the last post. We went to Conn., Mass., and RI back in October for a little vacation.


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