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Sunday, August 4, 2013



I have been sort of down in the dumps lately.
This has been a year so far, I wish I could forget.
And to help cheer me up,
hubby and I went antiquing to one of our
favorite antique malls,
Coxsackie Antique Center
in Coxsackie, N.Y.
Here are some things that caught my eye.
This cabinet was so lovely!!!!
Alas, not for my pocketbook.
Loved the patina, and could picture it
with magazines in it...
like my Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazines.
Some day I'll get one....
maybe not quite so big......

They had two chairs there.
I came VERY close to taking them home.
With a little love and paint,
they would have looked lovely in the garden.
What wonderful toys children long ago had to play with!

I have never been to an antique mall where there are
not a some well-loved little doggies
waiting for a new owner to love him or her.

This made us chuckle.
Hubby does not have a man cave,
otherwise it might have come home with us.
This looks like it has been thru many concerts.

Another pretty thing that I fell in love with.

Oh, the lovely patina.......
Maybe if I played the Mega Lottery this week,
I could afford all the things I fell in love with.
But then I would need a bigger house, or two, etc, etc.

This piece of furniture was really neat.
Of course, it was "not for sale".
What a tease!
Could have done without what was in it, (for the most part).
But with books, it would be just wonderful!

Another sweet hound.
Neat for the garden....
This gate is WONDERFUL!!!!
If I play Lotto, maybe I'll be lucky, ha ha.
And I wonder who wore the West Point Uniform.

This guy seems mighty interested in the widow at home.
don't quite know if I trust him.....

Laura, these shutters have your name on them.
It's your blue, love.
Never seen any like this!

Now this is really bizarre, strange, and scary.
Who was the poor guy who had to lug this around?
I lifted it....it was really, really heavy.

 I liked this for the colors.
Another thingy for a man cave.

And this would come in handy
for all the pretty  antique sewing goodies I own.
Not to be....
Here is the wish for the lottery win again.
I MUST buy a ticket this time!
And now for the things I actually did come home with.
Do you remember I was looking for a small vintage
shelf for the little bathroom in my last post?
Well low and behold,
in an antique center that was closing it's doors,
there it was.
I know you are probably thinking
"big deal".
But I had been looking for just something like this,
metal, dainty, not too long, not too deep, low edge, and worn cream color
and of course....vintage....
I bought two for a mere $ 1.50 each.
I am one happy camper.
Now hubby has a clock close by
 while he is getting ready for work.
And of course, I am always looking for things that I could use
for my doll making and to decorate.
I LOVE old textiles!!!
I found wonderful antique linen underskirts.
Two perfect, one with some holes.
No matter, something pretty will be made out of it
for a doll.
The prices were great.

I love tucks and lace......

picots and crochet....

In one bag with a collar,
I found these long black old
women's stockings.
I am definitely thinking Halloween.
And here are some of my other treasures.....

.......lovely trims and goodies.

This little handmade basket is exquisite.
Maybe I'll make a make-do with it.
This embroidered "ribbon" is actually a suspender,
all hand embroidered.
It will become belts to cinch my dollies waists.
One side is in poor condition...so I don't feel
bad cutting it up.
Oh, and those sweet, sweet little shoes.
What little darling wore them once?
As you can see, I had a lovely time.
The "blues" have been banished for now.
I hope you all have wonderful summer days,
filled with fun, love, friendship and adventure.
God bless,


  1. Hi Evi....So glad you and Eb got a chance to get out and play! I love all the treasures you brought home with you! And...you are right those blue shutters are wonderful...even love the little candlestick cut outs! Hoping the other...bad blues are banished for good...sending lots of love. Chat soon! Laura :)

  2. Love the cubbies and drawers..they always make me brake fast in any store

    The other day I had to focus on trying some new Christmas decorating this year to cheer me up..lol You do it so well at your home, maybe give that a try?

    Good to see you here this evening <3

  3. Love the goodies you bought and I can hardly wait to see what they become.
    Your wonderful creations will help to lift your spirits.
    Take care.
    Susan x

  4. Wow, treasures galore. I'd love those clothes just for me! x

  5. Hi Evi,
    Thank you for sharing pictures of your antiquing adventure! It must be wonderful to find all these treasures in one place. I would have to travel all of Central Florida to 'maybe' see this many great antiques. So glad your spirits were lifted, and I'm sure you will continue to feel better as you create with your new treasures.

  6. Evi, glad you had some cheer. It always makes me feel better to just get out and look around at an antique shop. In fact, I too, did just that on Friday. I cam home with a beautiful vintage frame for our Sadie girl's photo and a lovely petit bread knife in silver and mother of pearl. It's the surprises waiting to be found that makes it all such fun. You found some wonderful little bits for your studio supply. Glad you found you little shelves. They look great in the space.

  7. Hi Evi, it sounds like you had a great day of shopping with your hubby. You sure photographed some cool things. I really like your sweet little shelf. It is so fun to find just what you had in mind!!
    I hope your blues are gone for good and that sunshine comes every day!!

  8. Hello dearest Evi,-
    So wonderful for you and your husbond to get away for a tour, and experience so many beautiful ols things...and even bring home some of them!!
    I love your pieces-- most the lovely little shoes ...trima, laces ,socks ,skirts, well all of it :-)
    I so hope the blues will soon be ending for you, and better times appear for you and your family.

    Dear friend I have been so bussy with my "children" -big and small, this summer, as you know they were here in each with the kids, and so almost a month have been filled with happy hours with the children and their parents!!
    But you will hear from me soon, -you are in my thoughts Evy ,and I dearly hope things are better !!
    Much love from Dorthe

  9. Thanx for sharing all those awesome pics of incredible antiques. Loved the adorable toy pup & those blue shutters are wonderful! I am your newest follower. The castle doors over at the royal blog are always open. Tiffany


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