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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Welcome to our holiday home this year.
I have only decorated a few rooms.
There has been very little time to get it all done,
but I am happy and in the mood.

The weather here in the North-East has
certainly made us feel like it is winter,
even though it is still fall.
Snow has been falling, and between the two storms
we were up to twelve inches.
We are expecting warmer weather,
but I think we will still have a white Christmas.

Along with children and grown ups,
even dollies are waiting for Santa to come.

So here is a little tour of how I made our home feel like



My snow people are feeling perfectly happy in this weather.

Sheep are warm in their woolly coats.......

....and mom is holding her baby close to keep her warm.

Owls have nested again.
This time in the entrance foyer-breakfast room.....

......and sweet books are there to read.

The living room is light and airy.
(Light makes me happy)

Santa is on his way with his reindeer.
Wonder what he will bring?

The mantel a bit different this year.
The little stars dangling from the twig star
spell "wish".
We have only one wish this year
I believe that is the most important thing.
Everything else will follow.
Our beautiful Frazier fir tree is a bit different  this
year too.
I used chandelier crystals, icicles, birds, nests,
stars and shimmering bird cages.
The tree sparkles and glistens.

A little snow girl made by Pat Castka
is bearing a gift.

I never realized how many different trees I had.
It truly made a virtual forest.....

....with a cute chalet.

And of course my pillow, inspired by a Pottery Barn version
a few years ago.
Last winter I made this cutie.
I actually kept her.
(Paula love, you will have to wait a little longer)



One of my earlier, and larger snow gals.
I love the beautiful antique fabric I used
for her dress.

The porch looks pretty for winter.
I love crows.
Don't ask me why, I just do.
The are actually very funny. I feed them scraps and it is
amusing how they all interact.
So needless to say, I collect vintage decoys.
At a show recently, I got to talk to a customer who bought
one of my crow dolls.
She loves them as much as I do.
She told me an interesting thing.
When a crow passes away, they all mourn.
Did not know that.

Mine look quiet happy sporting their new ribbons.


I recently purchased these
candy canes made from wire and fabric.
When I put them into the jar, they made this


Natural, light and airy with some glitter.
I like it!


Our sons favorite Santa.
Made many moons ago, and still loved so much.

I purchased this sweet little angel a long time ago.
Don't remember the artists name.
It is a tiny treasure.


My wish for everyone...
May angels guide you and keep you safe.

I like to wish everyone happy holidays.
May all your wishes come true in the new year.
 Most of all, we wish for peace on earth.
May the wars stop, and all serving our country
return safe and sound.
God bless,


  1. Evi, your home is magical year round, but even more so at Christmas when your wonderful imagination comes out to play. I love all of your creative touches, simply beautiful! The view outside your windows looks much like ours!

    Wishing you and your family all the best and a very Merry Christmas!


  2. Your home is just beautiful. I love how light and bright it is. Just can't imagine how cold it is outside those windows though. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry merry sweet friend. That round table set and that view.!.... My heart actually skipped a beat!
    Praying for good health and yes the rest shall follow.
    Blessings to you and yours..

  4. Your home is beautiful in all of it's holiday splendor !

  5. So very welcoming and beautiful! And with sugar (snow) on top, too. Magical! :)
    Happy Holidays to you and yours,

  6. Evi your house is so beautiful! I truly love the way it is decorated! I love all the white. This is the exact transition I am hoping to take my house through this year! LOVE!!!!

  7. Evi, your home is stunning, all year around, but especially at Christmas time.....you have that "touch"......

  8. Evi
    Thank you for sharing your home at the holidays…beauty, imagination, tradition, elegance, simplicity, pure magic,…
    BTW…my cousin Teresa i was lucky enough to purchase one of your beautiful Santas(the one with Noah's Ark)…you really helped make her holidays special.
    Wishing you and yours health, happiness, and peace…
    Busy Hands…Happy Heart

  9. Enjoyed the Christmas Tour of your beautiful home - thanks for sharing!

  10. Evi, your home is just lovely. Light makes me happy, too, and your home is full of light and a wonderful glow of love. Sending my wishes for good health your way. Hoping that Christmas and the new year bring what you long for and some fun thrown into the mix. With all my best wishes,

  11. Dearest Evy,
    Oh such a beautiful post from your home.
    I`m happy for you, you made such beautiful decorated rooms, they are amazing with your gorgeous snow folks and the greenery and glitter .
    I love to see your collections of old pieces looking so wonderful together with your fantastic dolls. (I wish I was rich :-) )
    Your tree is stunning Evy,- and the crows gathered for christmas so great.
    I wish all the best for you and your husbond, a merry christmas, too- and a more healthy 2014- and yes away with all the wars, imagine what an amazing world, that would be!!!
    Much love and hugs, from Dorthe
    p.s. I hope you recieved my little christmas card?

  12. Evi, I'm so happy you shared this little tour of your beautiful home in its Christmas finery. I always admire the way you mix in the seasons with your decor. Always perfect! The sun streaming in while the landscape out the windows is snowy white makes me smile. No snow here, which is fine with me, but your setting looks like a Christmas card. Love seeing your sweet snow people, Santas, and sweet dolls. I marvel at your talent.
    Take care, enjoy the holidays, and yes ~ definitely good health for 2014! Love ~ Sarah

  13. Merry Christmas Evi, let's all pray for a great 2014. xo Mary

  14. Merry Christmas Evi and Eb...
    Wishing wonderful things for 2014!
    Your home is as lovely as ever... ...filled with light and oh so clean!!! Fabulous photos!
    Love, Laura

  15. Hello dear Evi! Oh what a treat to peek inside your holiday home, everything looks beautiful! Merry Christmas and I wish you all good health and much happiness for the new year!

  16. Wonderful country feel to Christmas here and what a view out that breakfast window. A perfect way to celebrate the holidays and year to follow.

    Happy New Year.



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