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Friday, January 9, 2015


It has been a year that we have visited our friend Paula's and Bill's
beautiful home.
So much was going on this past year, actually the past two years,
that a visit always eluded us.
And we almost did not make it again.
As our trip on the 3rd of January was coming nearer, a storm
decided to march up the East coast.
So we called it off. Since Paula is good two hours away, it seemed a good idea. Our plans also included going to Sturbridge, MA the next day.
Sad, I resigned myself to another missed visit.
The next morning sitting in our pj's, we were waiting for the storm.
When nothing happened, I took the bull by the horns, we got ready in a hurry, and of we went.
Paula, was excited that we could join everyone.
And the drive was uneventful. Flurries were starting to fall as we got there.
We have not been anywhere of late, and it turned out to be the highlight of our "non-holidays".
Christmas was spend with our son, our grand children at his fiancee's home which had a lovely surprise when her parents joined us, having traveled  up from Florida. And it was a truly wonderful day.
We had nothing at all that said Christmas in our house. And for the first time, not even a Christmas tree.
Needless to say, my mood was not the best during the season.
All  that changed the minute we walked into Paula's  and Bill's magical home.
It takes your breath away, and makes you happy.
So much to see and admire.
Being in such a hurry to get there, I forgot to charge my camera.
Lot's of pictures did not come out.
But our sweet Laura (52Flea), took the most beautiful pictures. So there is much more to see over at her blog.
Without much ado, here are some of the pictures I took.
In person, it was sooooo much more stunning.

When I drive up to Paula's and Bill's house,
my heart beats faster.
It is so charming.

A beautiful wreath welcomes all......

and her home is truly a
Many, many gorgeous trees awaited us.

Everywhere something pretty to spy.

And one of my earlier Santa's,
happy to live there.


A bunny by Lori Ann Corelis snuggles in the princess room.

And so does this perky little birdie made by her.
Cute as a button.

Who would not want to sleep in this pretty bedroom
under a heavenly canopy......

.....lit by this majestic lantern.
Swoon worthy!

Even one of the bathrooms enchants.
Pretty nooks everywhere.
Maybe for next Christmas
I get to make stockings again.
We will see.
I forgot how pretty they can be.

The kitchen and some other places in the house are inhabited
by the king of mice I like.....
not the kind that keep you awake rolling nuts around in
the attic,
and inevitably end up caught
which always makes me sad.

Paula placed this one in a soup ladle.
How does she think of that!
Cute, cute, cute.

Oh, and that wonderful view from the kitchen into
her sleeping garden.
Pretty on her dining room table,
gliding over an imaginary lake......

....while snowmen skate nearby.......

........ and one of my earlier snow gals finds
another way of transportation.
They do get around, and  many have happily migrated to Paula's
beautiful home.

What a ride!


 Shortly after we arrived, it started to snow.
Next morning it had melted and we had rain
and fog.
It was a terrible ride to Sturbridge, and a nerve wrecking
ride home.
But I got to go to my favorite antique malls,
ending up finding pretty things for future projects

When we got to Paula's, Laura had gotten there, and later in
the evening we were joined by Carole and her niece visiting
from Switzerland.
We had a wonderful time spending time together
and catching up.
Ebbie and Bill watched football,
but I loved this moment when Laura and Ebbie became
Here she waves her magic wand over his head.
I hope it works....at least for a little while.
My husband has been diagnosed with the
onset of Alzheimer's.
We have much ahead of us.
It is not how I thought our retirement would be.
But we take every day as it comes.
So, forgive me, when I don't post much
or  comment.
I am holding things together here,
and try to enjoy all the good moments we still have together.
My studio, and working on my creations, keeps me sane
and happy.
For that I am grateful.

On his last day of work the end of December
he "pruned" a tree outside his office.
Our only bit of Christmas greenery.
But, Paula's house made up for it,
and we both came away feeling happy and at peace.
I wish you all warm and content winter month.
 Before we know it,
it will be spring again.
God bless,


  1. My dear Evi, got your email some time ago and was not going to write back, however reading your blog made me fee the need to do so. First off I am so glad my small gift made you feel good. I am so deeply saddened about your hubby, I wish you both the best and if you ever want to vent you can lean on me. You pal 4-ever Mary

  2. Dear Evi
    Having just read your blog I had to contact you and say how deeply sad I am to hear of your husband's diagnosis.
    My mother had the same so I know what you must feel. I send my love to you and am thinking of you both.

  3. It was a beautiful Christmas after all!! Love her home!!
    Sad about your husband and cherish everyday that you have. ((Hugs))

  4. Dearest Evi,
    Though I only know you through blogging, I feel a connection. I am so sad about your husband's diagnosis. I know you both must be afraid. I will hold you both in my thoughts and prayers. It's wonderful that you made it to Paula's for time with friends. Please take care of yourself, too, and know that you have a blog friend on the other side of the country who wishes you both the best that can be.

  5. My dearest Evi,-
    Thank you for your note ,which I recieved late December. I`m so happy for you, that you spend wonderful Christmas time with your grandchildren ,son and his fiancè ,and that you was able ,after all, to go the the yearly fantastic meeting at Paula`s home. To actually be there, and experience all this beautifully decorated rooms, must be amazing and so good for you both to be able to get away from home for some dayes !! I`m so sad in my heart for you and Ebbie, my friend, and I wish you the best ever in this difficult and hard situation.
    I hope to hear a few words from you Evi, and will write you, too.
    Love from Dorthe

  6. I enjoyed your post very much. I can not imagine the pain you must be enduring. Prayers for you and your hubby for complete healing! Dianntha

  7. My dear blogger from New York (lived there most of my life). Thinking of you during these times, things do get more difficult in life. We do our best, hasn't been a good year for me either.

  8. The shots you were able to get are just lovely. Is that stocking one of your creations? If so, you should definitely make stockings again! :)

  9. Oh Ms Evi, I am so sorry to hear about Ebbi. I have alwys been envious of the two of you and the wonderful relationship you have shared. Please know you both will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. Thank you Diane.
    one day at a time, not much else one can do.

  11. Earlene, thank you, I do cherish each day, good or bad.

  12. thank you for thinking of us. Unfortunately no cure, but with medication we hope to have some good days yet.

  13. Hi Gisela, thank you for your well-wishes. I hope that this year will be better for you.
    As it is always said, without good health, life gets hard.

  14. Hi Cippy, yes, I made the stocking a few years ago. Will try to make some again for next Christmas...God willing.

  15. Barbara, thank you for your kind words. It is very hard to watch someone you love slip away.
    But I am hoping that there are still good days ahead.

  16. Evi, I just came across your blog... So sorry to hear of your husband's health. My husband has "dementia" which we have been living with for at least 5 years. Each day is a gift and when we have a good day we enjoy it and if it's a bad day we get through it. I am constantly learning how to live with this and cannot imagine what it must be like for him. My Montessori teaching background helps, I only wish I could educate the public on how to treat someone with this disease. That's my goal for 2015. Wishing you and your husband many good days!

  17. Hello Evi....I am new to your blog. The pictures at your friends home were gorgeous. I especially loved the " Button" stars on the Christmas tree. I also LoVed the tin crowns...and their beautiful smiles..... Cherish your fondest, warmest loving memories. I cannot imagine the sadness that comes with that horrible disease ......I wonder if keeping a journal will give you comfort in the days to come. I have journaled for years . Sometimes I go back through them and remember things that I had forgot. I will say a prayer for you. I am so happy you were able to get to your friends home and be with friends. Happy New Year. Cherish your memories!
    Hugs. Marg.


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