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Friday, January 6, 2017


Christmas has passed and the new year is here.
Finally I am getting to post some pictures we
took of Paula's lovely home at the holiday season.
We missed last year and I could not wait to get there.
And the most wonderful thing happened, our friend Laura also joined in the fun.
We all spend the night, but first we went to
our favorite places to shop and have fun.
Boy, did we have fun!
I came home with the same Moira clock that you will
see in Paula's house.
And to top it all off, we went to the new space Paula opened
at the Saybrook Antique Center in CT.
Like all the creative things Paula does,
she made a most charming space.
On the way back we stopped at an antique center in our
neighborhood where I found a great metal cabinet
for the new bathroom in our hopefully soon to be new house.
That is not yet totally settled, but we are getting there.
So, without further ado, here are some pictures
of our wonderful mini vacation at Paula's........
with a few pictures added at the end of our home.
Not much Christmas in our apartment, but enough to make us happy.
If I want CHRISTMAS, I visit my wonderful sweet and creative friend Paula!

A cute snowman by Kathy Pendelton.
Her beautiful open house was also on our to do list.
And we were not disappointed!

One of mine, and.......

.....one of Kathy's......
so sweet.

Some of the furniture might look familiar.
Yes, they once resided in our home and have found
a very special place in Paula's and Bill's house.

Ebbie slept in the "Princess" room.
He had a very good night.

And a "twin" of this clock now resides
in our apartment, also waiting for a
new place to come.
I am crazy about this clock and got photographed
by Laura while hugging it tightly. Well, the one in Paula's house.
Mine was in the back of my car.

I got to befriend this little fellow because he
lives in the bedroom where I stayed.
He makes me happy.

And this is where I stayed!
Loved it!
One of my snow gals was watching over me for the night.

Paula's beautiful metal cabinet helped in deciding to buy
mine, although they are very different.

Yes, my babe is very happy living at Paula's.

My sweet friends, Paula and Laura.
I could not imagine my life without them!

Paula's oh so pretty space at the antique mall.

On our way home we stopped at the Newburgh Vintage Emporium
in Newburgh, NY.
It is a very special place to visit with beautiful things that
entice you......and it is right off 84, a major highway.
Hubby was enchanted by this motorcycle.

And here is my other big purchase,
my beautiful tall White House 1929 metal cabinet.
This picture does not do it justice.
The inside is white.

And at our home my big snow girl
greets everyone at the landing of our stairs.

A little red here and there says Christmas.

So, now we are in the new year.
I hope it will be a good one for us and everyone.
Health is the most important wish in our household and
I believe in every household all over the world.
We take so much for granted and you learn in life that
you can take nothing for granted.
It is how we handle things that come our way.
There is strength in us that we did not know we possess.
And there are people out there to lean on when the
going gets rough.
I am learning everyday how to cope and make
the very best of something that I cannot change.
I look for the good moments and I hope that you will all be blessed
with good moments, health, happiness and hope.
May all your New Years Wishes be granted!
God bless,


  1. It was so good to see your post here. I hope everything goes smoothly with the new house you are planning on moving into. It was fun to study each picture and be amazed by all of the sweet snow people, woodland creatures, and beautiful decor.

    I like that clock very much and your metal cabinet.

    I hope you will have a wonderful new year.

    Susie D.

  2. Wonderful pictures ! I love this home....

  3. Oh, Evi, you've no idea how my heart leaped with joy when I saw your post pop up on my sidebar. So good to know you are doing OK. I didn't know what had happened. Glad you and Laura and Paula had this fun time together. I've missed Laura too! I hope both of you will find some time in the new year to post again. I miss your beautiful posts!
    Love your new finds! I've never seen a metal cabinet like yours. Can't wait to see how you use it.
    All the best for a healthy, happy 2017. Thanks again for posting.

  4. Love your new finds I also enjoyed seeing the wonderful decorating of your friends home Its special to be able to see former things in a special friends home I hope things will go forward in the new year for you and you have many blessings

    linda m


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