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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, here we have it!
After having a very cold but snow-free
Winter, we got walloped.
We "only" got 22" with very high winds.

Suddenly it became a WINTER WONDERLAND!

The lamp wore a bonnet ...
and so did everything else.

The tree by the front door was
unrecognisable and later tipped over......
to be redecorated tomorrow.
Off course first I have to find all the decorations.

Poor hubby is digging and digging.
First was the bird feeding station,
where he took a fall and when I looked up
he had disappeared in the deep snow.
Yes, he is alright, but I had a scare.
Could not fathom where he had gone to
in such a short time!!!!!!!

So I decided with my bad back to stay inside.
Welcome to the Dutch door downstairs
leading to our garden.

This is the room we call the T&T room...........
Toys and Teddies Room.
The room is right next to my studio
and much loved, because it holds many
of our antique and vintage toys.

The build-in cabinet hides the TV
and sports one of my Santa's and a tree
with birdies I made.

This is our sons favorite Santa.
He loves the color green, nature and hiking.

The Irish cabinet holds some of our teddies
and other vintage critters.

This sweet teddy sits on an old doll trunk.
My girlfriend Paula gave me all the wonderful
antique dolls clothing one year for Christmas.
What a delight!!!!
Don't you just love Teddies pets.

Antique doll trunks are one of my many passions.

The little joey was lost when I bought this
Steiff kangoroo. Teeny teddies cuddle up instead.

One of my snow girls feels quite at home
in her antique Adirondack rocker.

Tiny teddies are riding in a little antique German wagon,
being chased by a dogie,
the little squirrel is holding on for dear life.

Another corner in our T&T room.
I love all things Swedish and the horses
and some of the straw stars come
from there.
I love to sit in this arm chair and contemplate
what I will create next.
The cupboard stores my finished dolls.

Some of the straw stars were made by me
when I still lived in Germany.

Love, love this vintage stocking.
Wonder who looked for treasures in it
a long time ago?
Another Christmas and year come to a close.
I wish everyone a
Happy and Healthy New Year.

God bless,


  1. What a beautiful post! I love all that snow, but it does equal a lot of work doesn't it? I shovel and shovel, that's for sure! Your decor for the holiday is wonderful. The little critters and sweet touches make that room such a special spot. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Oh, I love that Santa too! and the tree with birdies!!

  3. Love the T and T room. The little roo is just so cute...glad she has some teddies to replace the joey. All the toys are wonderful and the trunks really add to the displays. Lovely. Glad you are inside and safe with your bad back. And glad your hubby is OK. Happy New Year, Annette

  4. Oh I just adore your toys and teddies!!!! Love to look at all your special goodies! Happy New Year my sweet friend!

  5. Glad you are getting around, take care of yourself. I also like the same Santa you son likes...................................Happy New Year Evi, looking forward to 2011 with you. HUGS MARY

  6. Love your decorations Evi. Your home is so pretty - kind of Nordic style that is :-).
    Wishing you a Happy New Year.
    xo Tina

  7. What a wonderful post to read as I sit quietly on my own this morning.
    M is sleeping and Pie has gone to join him.
    Your home is just so beautiful and how good that your husband loves all these things too.
    All good things for 2011 and most importantly good health.

    Diane. x

  8. What a wonderful room, thank you for sharing it. Enjoy the excuse to have more time to sew with the heavy snow fall.

  9. I loved the conical hat on the lamp, and the wreath + ice skates.
    I'm nosey - I would like to have seen the doors open on the cupboard where you store your finished dolls!
    Have a wonderful healthy and creative 2011. xx

  10. Your home is so gentle and cozy Evi... filled with treasures that speak from the heart.
    The greatest treasure though are the people inside and here's wishing you a very Happy New Year.
    Enjoy the snow and hope your feeling much better soon.
    Susan x
    PS-I adore the tree with all the birdies.

  11. Oh Evi...I like the way you make red the accent color in your rooms. I do the same thing in mine. I love your wreath with the skates. I've seen something similar at Between Naps on the Porch Blog with a sled and skates. I'm looking for skates at every yard sale in Nashville now!! I used to live in Connecticut and New Jersey growing up in the late 50's and early 60's. I worked in Swan Lake, NY as a teenager at a resort. Love your area of the country. My husband is part German and Cherokee Indian....
    Thanks Evi...
    Mel's Cabin

  12. Ein glückliches und gesegnetes Neues Jahr, meine liebe Evi und Gesundheit vor allem!!!! Ich werde jetzt noch deine himmlischen Bilder genießen, sie entführen mich in eine so zauberhafte Welt, während rings umher die Silvesterknallerei losgeht - das mag ich gar nicht, ich hab´s lieber ruhig ;)!!!!! Aber bald ist es überstanden und ich freu mich auf alles, was das Jahr bringen mag!!!

    Alles, alles Liebe und Happy New Year, herzlichst Jade

  13. How did I miss your post until now. I'm running late and you know how is going to kill me. Gee maybe I shouldn't be writing that in a comment! Will be back and drool some more.
    It's just gorgeous Evi. You have such treasured goodies I could look at them all day!

    Happy New Year!

  14. .. what a great post .. thanks for sharing ... Happy New Year

  15. Your blog is beautiful, your home is gorgeous and I'm salivating over your workspace! Have a terrific and amazing New Year!
    Take Care,

  16. Many greetings from Austria and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

  17. Wonderful photos of your beautiful home and treasures Evi! You know how much I admire your talents and can only say that your home is even more special up close and personal!!
    Love you!

  18. I spent a lot of time here this morning enjoying all your your pretty Christmassy photos!

    Good to see that you got your fair share of snow too in time for Christmas, although I know how much work it is to shovel the walking ways free. The last 3 days we had warmer temps and the snow here has almost melted away.

    Luckily my daughter made it back home from NY sound and safe just in time for Christmas eve and before the blizzard came!

    I'm happy to see more gorgeous bird trees in this post! Aw that tree stand is so beautiful with the Santa and candles all around and oh that glittery tree is just to die for, I love all the glitter and tinsel ornaments hanging from it, so so pretty!!! I also like the tiny feather trees in the glass box very much, they look so old and beautiful!

    I'm very lucky because my daughter knowing how much I was wishing for a feather tree, because I cannot find any over here, bought one for me in NY and brought it home as a Christmas gift and even better one for my mom too! :) They are not old oh well but Bethany Lowe reproductions and the next best thing!

    Today I had to take down and put our Christmas fir tree, it's always kind of sad, but tomorrow is my daughters birthday and we need the space.

    Well I guess I talk too much today so I'm sending you happiest new year wishes from your birth country dear Evi!

    Liebe Grüße


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