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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Waiting for the big event!

Getting ready.....

hanging the stockings.....

decking the halls........
and everything else.......................

adding a little sparkle...or a lot.....

"crowning " the chandelier........

....hanging more stockings.......

...even the bathroom does not get spared...

icicles sparkle, birds are flying.....

cats get into the act....

looking innocent and sweet.....

becoming friends with mice.....

birds cavorting in a tree...

watched over by Santa......

snowmen grinning with anticipation.....

a Santa sighted........

more birds singing.....

in a glittery tree..........

waiting for "Mr Big".....

"The Main Event"......


bringing gifts to good girls and boys.......

Hope you all get what you wish for!!!!!!!

As for us..........

I am leaving the cookies and the milk out dear Santa,
so you have strength for the rest of your journey!

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas,
Happy Holidays and a
healthy and joyous NEW YEAR!
May all your wishes come true....
God bless,


  1. Unbelievable! Even when you are not feeling in tip top shape...your home and decorations are spectacular...just really, really beautiful!
    LOVE your photographs!
    Merry Christmas dear Evi and Ebbie!
    See you next year!!!
    Love you lots!

  2. Laura is right Evi, wonderful!!!!! I love , love, LOVE everything!!!!
    Merry Christmas, feel better soon!!!!

  3. Evi your home is just magical. I wish I could come for a cup of coffee and sit and chat and chat and chat! WITH Laura, of course! :)

    Merry Christmas!!


  4. Oh Evi, wie lieb von dir..........auch dir und deiner Familie FROHE WEIHNACHTEN - ein ganz himmlisches Fest und gute Besserung, ich hoffe sehr, dass es dir bald wieder richtig gutgeht (bei mir kamen auch einige gesundheitlich Probleme gleichzeitig, da hat man ganz schön zu knabbern)!!! Alles, alles Liebe......ich werde jetzt gleich noch deine traumhaften Bilder auf mich wirken lassen.........

    ganz liebe Grüße, herzlichst Jade

    PS: Tausend Dank, für deine soooooooooo lieben Zeilen und Wünsche - ich freu mich riesig!!!!!!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog whilst drinking my morning coffee. I just adore the "snippets" of red you have in your home. And all your sweet and engaging characters that gather round in your holiday decor!

  6. Hello Evi
    Your home is just wonderful, so warm and beautiful. Wishing you a very blessed holiday season filled with love and laughter

  7. How lovely everything looks.
    I've missed reading your blog, do hope you're feeling better now.
    A late Happy Christmas and all good things for 2011.
    Your house is a delight, I love everything !

  8. Merry Christmas Evi, and Happy New Year. HUGS MARY

  9. Oh my! I've created a couple of links from my blog to yours...go see.... thanks a bunch!
    Mel's Cabin

  10. What a beautiful home and decorations. I scrolled down through the next post too and I see you love red and plaids and checks like I do. Found you through Brenda's blog Cozy Little House and her welcome wagon Friday!

  11. Hi Evi!

    Your home is just beautiful. I so enjoyed seeing all of your pretty decorations to welcome the season. How inspiring all of them are. I thought about hanging the stockings from the chair this year and now that I have seen how you do it, it's my plan for next Christmas. Now...I am off to see more of your blog!

    Warm wishes for a Happy New Year!


  12. Your bird trees oh my oh my oh my one is more beautiful than the other!!!!
    That tree stand with the Santa and candles wow!
    And the glittery tree is to die for!!!
    I covet all the glitter and tinsel ornaments hanging from it too!

    My daughter knew how much I would love to get a feather tree and the darling she is, she bought one for me in NY and gifted me with it for Christmas and the best was that she got one for my Mama too! Of course they are not old, but the next best thing if you cannot find an old feather tree.


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