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Friday, June 11, 2010

Zoe Rose

Zoe Rose is a charming rabbit.
She is 25" tall to the tip of her ears but she prefers them a little bent over...
...at least one of them.

She carries a vintage bouquet of violets and her pet bird Chirpette.

Zoe Rose wears a wonderful skirt made from antique fabric called lawn.
It is creamy white with tiny lilac colored roses and green sprigs.
Her top is made from very fine antique wool.

Her lovely face and shapely body are made from brushed cotton and her dark eyes are buttons.
She comes with a stand but she can also sit.

Zoe Rose and Chirpette are now SOLD! Thank you!


  1. Zoe Rose is adorable! I love the expression on her face and her cocked ear... what a treasure! Your attention to detail, Evi is unparalleled!
    Just look at that little Chirpette!...so sweet!
    Take care, Laura

  2. Hi Evi,
    I'm so happy that you have your own blog. I've combed through all the posts Laura has put on her blog at 52Flea that feature your art and studio/home/garden. I greatly admire your talent and look forward to checking in regularly.
    Bye for now, Susan

  3. Zoe is so sweet and her little pet Chirpette is one lucky birdy. Your workmanship is incredible.
    Hope you weren't drowning there like we did today. More rain to come...hey at least I got to catch up blogging...lol

  4. Since I love bunnies, I chose this post to welcome you to blogging, Evi! I have many different bunnies and have four stuffed dolls that are very dear to me and all dressed in lovely dresses, except for the lone male who has a waistcoat, vest and chain {that looks like it would be hooked to a pocketwatch}. Welcome!


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