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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

R.J.Vickers Herbery

R.J.Vickers Herbery in Chester CT is one of the most wonderful shops.
It specializes in herbs but also carries very special gifts.
This charming gate and arbor lets you come and go into this unique little paradise.

I love the little dove sitting on a birdbath!

If you are ever in the area be sure to stop in for a visit.
You won't be disappointed!

God bless, Evi


  1. hi Evi, i saw you mentioned on "the french bear"...and wanted to pop over and tell you how beautiful your work is...the bunny you made ZOe Rose is truly stunning:)

  2. How lucky to have such a fabulous herb garden and shop close by. You must gather loads of inspiration just wandering around. Thanks for sharing it with those of us who live too far away to visit in person.

  3. I came over from Margaret's French Bear and it sure was worth it. Your dolls are incredible and your blog is very, very pretty. Your workshop is neat and beautiful. Diane

  4. How pretty & green. It's so hot here right now all the plants are stressing already & summer has hardly started. I read about you over at Margarets (French Bear) & wanted to come see you & welcome you to BLOGLAND. A magical place indeed. And your sweet bunny she showed is adorable. Charlene

  5. Margaret says to come meet you! Your dolls are adorable! I LOVE the little doggie in your banner...and the trunk and hat box with the one doll. Your studio is really wonderful too :)

  6. I had forgotten how cute that place was. It's been awhile since I've been there. I loved it when she was in E. Haddam too but I think she's happier there in Chester. Her shop is to die for.

  7. It is a charming garden and shop! I love Chester...so many fun places to shop. Let's go!!

  8. How fun to have such a great shop near you! It looks very inviting.

  9. Hi Evi,

    It was lovely to discover your blog, via Margaret.
    Your bunny is very sweet and cute dog in the header.
    This looks like a wonderful shop and great place to buy your herbs.



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