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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Ladies Society For The Preservation Of Grace And Etiquette

May I introduce.......

two of the members of

"The Ladies Society For The Preservation
Of Grace And Etiquette".

Say hello to
"Mademoiselle Noella Couture".

I took this picture in "Macro" setting,
which unfortunately distorted the fabric somewhat.....
but you can see the details of her face well.

If you are able to enlarge to a big picture
the lines will disappear.

Mademoiselle is known for her impeccable
and exquisite taste.

Her fashionable bag is
adorned with jet beads.

Her skirt is made from antique fine cotton fabric.

The jacket is antique soft white linen.

Her belt is made from black vintage seam binding
trimmed with a rosette in the back.

Noella's face is painted and embroidered.

Her nose is needle-sculpted.

The hair is soft medium blond curly sheep's wool.

Her hat is tied with a loose bow which has little
black berries attached.

The linen jacket sports tiny black jet buttons.

Noella is 21 1/2" tall.

She comes with a stand, but she can also sit.

Mademoiselle Noella Couture's price is $ 269.00
plus shipping and handling.

Mademoiselle Noella Couture has been SOLD.

Thank you.

Please meet Lady Gabriella Beauford.

This lovely lady is wearing an antique straw hat.

It is trimmed with vintage velvet flowers and ribbon.

Her sweet face is embroidered and painted,
her nose needle-sculpted.

She is wearing a fabulous vintage cotton
and lace skirt over a wired petty coat.

The pretty top is made from antique shirting
which is lined in cotton.

It is trimmed with a bow and rosettes
made from vintage seam binding.

The little handbag is made from
straw-fabric lined in the jacket fabric.

This back view shows the hat

Gabriellas hair is hand-dyed reddish-brown
sheep's wool.

Gabriella is 22 1/4" tall.

Lady Beauford comes with a stand, but can also sit.

Gabriella's price is $ 269.00 plus shipping and handling.

Gabriella has been SOLD.

Thank you!

A last look at my fair ladies as the bid you adieu!

I hope you enjoyed the members of the "Ladies Society".

Thank you and God bless,



  1. Absolutely delightful Evi.
    They have their own little personalities bestowed upon them by their gifted maker...
    Susan x

  2. They're both so elegant and just amazing. Your attention to detail is incredible. Their purses are so wonderful I wish I could have them n my size. So glad that Carole sent me over your way.

    Enjoy your day.


  3. What charming ladies Evi, you did an outstanding job!!! I am so lucky to have my dolly, she keeps me company while I recover......trying to find things to do to keep me quiet is a big challenge!!!!
    Margaret B

  4. Hi Evi,
    The ladies are extraordinary! But...of course, we would expect nothing less made by YOUR hand!
    I love all the details...and that hat with the vintage velvet flowers...oo la la....
    Will chat soon!

  5. These ladies are just lovely. I am amazed at the great detail you put into them and such great quality!!

  6. The 5 Leos who love youAugust 20, 2010 at 2:35 PM

    OMG, they are two true beauties. Their faces are so pretty and their dresses are just amazing. Love the little details like the little buttons and the little belt from Mademoiselle Noella Couture as well as the bow and rosettes from Lady Gabriella Beauford. And lets not forgot their gorgeous bags. You are fantastic! Many hugs and kisses from your German family / fans


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