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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Hallie Ween and Zeke Dragonwick

Please meet Miss Hallie Ween and Zeke Dragonwick.

These two have been inseparable ever since
they met at the pumpkin patch Harvest Ball.

Miss Hallie is known for her kindness
and sweet demeanor.

Her face is embroidered and painted.

She is sporting a hat made from paper
adorned with ribbon rosettes.

A vintage lace ruffled collar graces her neck.

Hallie is 18 1/4" tall.

She is wearing a skirt made of very fine
antique fabric in a soft white and cream and
beige print.

The top of her skirt is pale beige antique cotton.

She is wearing a wired underskirt.

Miss Hallie Ween is attached to her hand-painted stand.

Her jacket is made from black antique fabric.

To give her jacket extra panache,
she tied ribbons around her waist and
topped it off with a double rosette.

She is carrying a hand-made paper lantern
to guide her.

Her price is $259.00 plus shipping and handling.

Miss Hallie is SOLD.

Thank you!

It is clear to all that these two are meant for each other!

Zeke Dragonwick is a very fine fellow.

Always charming and gallant.

His face is embroidered and painted.

He wears a hat made from fabric and paper
and a feather to make it extra special.

His pants are cotton.

Mr. Dragonwick always carries his watch,
which he inherited from his grandfather.

Zeke makes sure he is never late for a date
with Miss Hallie.

He is attached to his hand-painted stand
and is 17" tall.

Zeke is wearing a jacket made from fine off-white wool.

His vest is made from antique cotton with a charming print.

It has many little wooden buttons and at the neck
he wears a jabot made from a little old lace.

This is "Rascal", his little shaker.

The bells announce Zeke's arrival.

Zeke Dragonwick is $ 259.00 plus shipping and handling.

Zeke has been Sold.

Thank you!

One more look at the lovely pair.

I hope you enjoyed meeting the young lovers.

Thank you and God bless,


  1. Such a dashing pair... they are delightful Evi.
    Susan x

  2. These are just amazing !!! Your attention to the tinest details is just beautiful !!!

  3. Oh Evi, these two are adorable!!!
    I love them both!!!

  4. The two make quite the pair. I'm sure you've barely left your workroom trying to get ready for the show.
    Try to get some rest!
    btw hope your enjoying the magazine... if you've even had time!

  5. These two are great! They have me in the Fall spirit. :)

  6. Your new pair are just lovely. I hope you have a good show. I could only wish I was able to attend so I could meet you in person. HUGS MARY

  7. What adorable figures! I'm not surprised they sold quickly. They are exquisitely detailed and have such wonderful personalities!

  8. Evi, your dolls are absolutely beautiful! I found you at 52 Flea.
    Happy doll making....


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