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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This is the lovely town of Jim Thorpe, P.A.

We had heard that it was a very charming place,
and that proved to be true!

I will take you on a picture trip.

The streets are narrow and the whole town
reminded me of a small European town.

I love the architecture of all the buildings,
old, warm and quaint.

There is even an Opera House!

This was intriguing and amusing.
Wonder where it came from.

This Inn is very large and you
could also dine there.

Another Inn. There were lots of them
to stay at.

This is the famous Albright Mansion.
Many famous people visited here long ago.
You can also stay at the Mansion.
Unfortunately they only had double beds
and queen size..... and this gal needs her space!

We ate all of our meals at the Inn... I should say...dined.
They have a wonderful chef and every meal
was superb.

This is the train station for the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway.
October is the time to see the changing leaves,
as it snakes it's way through the mountains.

We loved this little street called Race Street.
It could have been anywhere in Europe.
Cute little shops and Restaurants too.
And there is my dapper hubby.

For anyone following my blog, you will understand
that I could not resist the red doors.
Red being my favourite color!

And this church had wonderful red doors!

This church looked downright medieval.

The whole town had beautiful doors.
I could have shown a lot more.

After our stay in this sweet place,
we were off to Lancaster County for days
of antiquing, shopping, flee marketing
and just plain sight seeing.

I found many wonderful things to use with my
dolls, ......antique and vintage of course.
So now it is back to reality and sewing, sewing
sewing, because my next shows will be in November.
To many ideas and not enough time!!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed this little trip.
For more information you should google
the town and whole area.
There is much to see and do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless,


  1. Wow... what a great town! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'll have to show my husband... he loves Europe and this maybe a more attainable vacation. No time for vacation right now, at least I can dream with pictures!

  2. Hi Evi....
    Thanks for bringing me along on your trip...I would love to visit here one day...it is charming!
    Glad you found some wonderful things to bring home and so thankful you got home SAFELY!
    Eb is my hero too!...and he always looks dapper!

  3. Just beautiful Evi! Thanks for taking time to show your little outing! I look forward to the day I get to visit the East Coast again. Loved the shot of the dapper husband. HUGS MARY

  4. Now I can see why the two of you went there. It's like going to Europe without the plane fare.
    I'd like to dream that George and I will get to go someday but until then I'll be content with your pictures and your wonderful stories.

    Good luck with all the sewing and the upcoming show.


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