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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Let me introduce you to Hepseba.
Hepseba is a good and very friendly witch.

She is 32 1/2 " tall, but sits on her weighted
bottom about 14 " high.

Her jacket is made from antique fabric.
The skirt is a reproduction fabric called shirting.
It is trimmed with antique hand crochet lace
and vintage ribbon.

I hand-sculpted her face from paper-clay.
Her body is fabric.

She loves to wear her paper hat tied with
vintage ribbon under her chin.

Her hair is soft black sheep's wool.

Here you can see a close-up of the lace
and her very long feet adorned with little
jingle bells.

That lets everyone know, that she is coming.
Her little bells are glittered, all the better to
see her during night time flights!

Sometimes she likes to hide her face behind
her paper mask, which she holds in her wired fingers.

It is a game she likes to play when she meets
handsome young men at a " Witching Ball".

To ward off impudent young men, she will
wave her glittered skeleton.

Hepseba has been sold.

Thank you.

This is Mrs. Happy Hollow,
a white pumpkin doll.

She is a very fashionable lady in her
antique silk dress with a beautiful
lace blouse.

A very nice Frenchman once called her
" La Belle Dame".
Since then she carries these words
with her forever.
( I wonder if it makes her husband jealous? )

Happy is 25 1/2 " long and sits on her
weighted bottom 14 " high.

She has a very sweet personality.

Her weakness are hats and of course she
wears a silk hat to match her outfit.

Mrs. Hollow is made from brushed cotton.

Her waist has a beautiful antique flower.
It makes the whole outfit special.

Mrs. Happy Hollow has been sold.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Hepseba
and Mrs. Happy Hollow.

God Bless,


  1. Evi, your talent is astounding! Can a witch be beautiful?? She is!...right down to her jingle feet. And I love how you fill us in on their lives and thoughts. I'm so glad you started a blog so you could share them with us.

  2. Oh dear Evi....
    Your imagination is only matched by your creative talents! Two more charming and amazing dolls...each so unique with every exquisite detail just perfect!
    You have done it again!

  3. These are just lovely! I adore Mrs. Happy Hollow!

  4. I simply love them. I do not know how you can part with them. Hope you are enjoying the fall weather in your area. HUGS MARY

  5. Evi, what beautiful ladies you have created, I love them both!! Oh my they are just stunning!!! You are so talented, I just think you make the most exquisite dolls!
    How lovely they would look on my black hutch!!! Hmmm....how to convince my husband that they need to be here!!!
    I don't think you sleep.......I am sure your mind is always creating!!!

  6. They are both simply BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. WOW! What talent! I adore both of them! I found your blog from 52 flea. You have a blog to watch and keep coming back!

  8. The 5 Leos who love youOctober 1, 2010 at 4:45 AM

    WOW! They are sooo beautiful. Hepseba and Mrs. Happy Hollow have such gorgeous faces. I can't decide whose dress is more magnificant - all those little details are perfect. I also love the background stories you tell - I can see Hepseba flirting at a "Witching Ball". You always have such great ideas and you are so talented - like a magician. Thank you for introducing those two to us. Many hugs and kisses from your German family / fans


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