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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Although I love orange in the colors of nature,
I don't love it so much in our home.
But in the Fall I have to make an exception.
After all, what is the season without a little ORANGE.....
As you are about to enter our home,
a basket of pumpkins and leaves greet you.
The orange pumpkin sports neat old hardware.
We bought him on our vacation trip to Pennsylvania.
I just love him, and he can be recreated every year!

This antique shelf hangs over the stove.
Of course the crows, which are vintage decoys
had to wear ribbons for the season.

This pumpkin man riding a crow is the work
of the artist Dan DiPaolo.

Love these two Halloween characters!

In an other part of the kitchen, some more crows
are nesting, happy to be sporting their ribbons too.

An array of ghoulish pumpkins.

And what would Halloween be without cats.......

Even the soup terrine is an ORANGE pumpkin.
I will be serving Ina Garten's Corn and Cheddar
It is wonderful on those nippy Fall days!

Yes, more crows....

I love these tiny little treasures....

These two look so innocent, but...............

Wonder what these two are talking about,
almost looks like Spooky, the dog, is getting
a lecture.
Wonder what that is about!
Who knows what goes on at night
when we are sleeping......
You know.... Halloween and things that
go bump in the night......

Now that is Halloween!

One of my "babies" walking her crow.
I just love crows.
Yes, they have some "nasty" habits,
but when you watch them interact,
they can also make you laugh.

Could not help myself, had to sneak in a little
black and white.

To everyone , enjoy the season,
before you know it, we will be shoveling snow..........
God bless,


  1. Orange isn't my favorite decor color either, but everything looks beyond wonderful! Love the two little "talkers" best. xo Lidy

  2. Your decor is wonderful! I absolutely love the ribbons around the crows! :) Clever touch.

  3. Love those crows in the window...and Spooky is too cute!!

  4. I just love the way you mix it all together, like it should be that way!!!
    Love your Halloween goodies! Evi I love the crows, are you going to make some for sale?
    Margaret B

  5. Your house is the cutest thing ever!! I mean ever!! I think you need to get it in a magazine if you haven't already. Love the basket of pig cutting boards in the background. I have two in my kitchen but I see that I need many more.

  6. Usually I don't like orange very much either, but in your decorations it looks great! Love your Miss Pumkinhead walking her crow and the hardware embellished pumpkin looks fabulous, right out of a fairy tale! The cats are so cute and I also like the witches head and boots very much and of course all of your crows! I can just hear them calling outside in my garden lol

    I wish you a wonderful countdown to Halloween Evi and I'm already looking forward to see your Christmas decorations!

    xoxo~ Carola

  7. Love your Halloween decorations Evi. I´m not too much for orange eighter - but everything looks wonderful though. Love that little black bear with the orange nose and eyes. Great idea.
    xo Tina

  8. Sooooooo lovely....most of all i love Spooky and the sweet bear!!!! Have a wonderful autumn week,

    Hugs Jade

  9. I love your post, and I just LOVE that little dog, just tugs at my heart....myself, I LOVE orange in my house at fall....but, I also love the whites....so many choices, smiles, Linda

  10. Wow...what wonderful displays! Magazine ready for sure!!!

  11. Thanks Evi for another delightful tour of your home. I have become a fan of a little orange lately. I have a real passion for yellow and red, due to a quilt I made a few years back, but orange does look nice when it is blended with browns and tans........I may need to get some orange ribbon so I can embellish some of my fall items. Afar as crows go, I get mad at them in the yard casue they eat the seed and suet for the birds...........I buy it in bulk cause I go thru so much. I have a few crows in my home displayed all year long.......enjoy the fall weather. HUGS MARY

  12. Just posted a link to your blog on the HiHo FB page. I'm sure my customers will be inspired by your Fall displays. HiHo Heidi

  13. YOu've got me missing my orange Halloween decorations like my Coty Foster clown that looks much like the one you've showed. They could be twins!
    Your kitchen looks wonderful with orange. The grand kids must just love all the effort you put into the season.....or is it just for Ebbie?:))


  14. Liebste Evi,
    tausend Dank, für deine lieben Zeilen.........ich schreib besser in Deutsch ;)), lesen kann ich auch in Englisch! Wie schön, dass ihr auch so eine Mieze hattet, ich liebe Tigerchen ganz besonders und Katie war sehr sehr arm, ich hab sie aus dem Tierheim und sie ist so unendlich dankbar für alles!!!! Ich wünsch dir und all deinen Lieben ein himmlisches Wochenende voller glücklicher Stunden und schick dir gaaaaanz liebe Grüße, bis bald,

    herzlichst Jade

    PS: bei uns hat es ziemlich abgekühlt und am Wochenende soll es draußen sehr ungemütlich werden......zum Glück wärmt das Holzfeuer ;)!!!

  15. A wonderful Autumn tour awaits at your doorstep and I must thank you for sharing...
    Orange is a vibrant colour and full of life, much like you I'm sure.
    Susan x

  16. What a fun post. I feel a bit at home seeing Dan's work,and folk art..I met him as a fellow vendor at Market Square in PA,,,I did folk art for 13yr. How fun your displays are,,orange is difficult, It just dosen't go with blue! I am a blue person too,,and greens. It does have its place this time of year. I love your sweet dolls.
    Many blessings in your day!


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