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Thursday, October 21, 2010


I love flowers, blooming in the garden,
wild flowers by a road site,
freshly cut at a farm stand,
and pressed with love in a Herbarium.

So when a few years ago my friend Laura@52Flea
bid and purchased two exquisite Herbariums from e-bay.....
one for each of us,
I was thrilled.

There were pages and pages of dried flowers.

It was always a double page with a hand-drawn
picture and description in pencil on the left hand
and the pressed flower on the right.

I wonder who this young girl was,
was this a school project,
and where did she find all these beautiful flowers?

Look at all the details in her drawings.
She describes everything so well.

This was in the year 1908 and in my mind
I picture a thirteen to 15 year old little girl
with her head covered by a straw hat,
a white dress of fine lawn fabric,
running through the meadow and delighting
in a new find.

Perhaps she had her best friend joining
in this adventure.

I think she had a lot of fun putting
this Herbarium together.

Over a hundred years later, I treasure it as
much as she did, maybe even more!

I framed as many as would fit in our hallway
and hung them with great pride.

My little imaginary girl,
I think you would be happy with the
way I honored your Herbarium.

It has given me so much pleasure!

Here are a few close-ups.

At the back page of the book was the
terminology of all the flowers in detail.

Reading it, I learned a lot.

I hope you had fun browsing through the
Herbarium with me.
God bless,


  1. Beautiful Evi!
    Some day I will get mine in the frames I bought!

  2. Such a wonderful treasure that lives on with the attention and respect of its current caregiver...
    Susan x

  3. Such an awesome book. Greatly preserved and passed on. They made a beautiful wall in your home.

  4. Evi, what a beautiful and lovely memory to the sweet girl that treasured them!

  5. That´s an awesome book. They look so pretty on your wall.

    ~ Tina

  6. It reminds me of when I was young.
    I collected and pressed wild flowers.
    I loved doing it and learned so much, however my collection was not presented so beautifully.
    I wonder what happened to it ?

  7. Oh, Evi, what a treasure! Laura not only gave you a beautiful herbarium, but a new little friend to boot! (at least in your mind/heart)
    Love how you have them framed and displayed.

  8. I never realized those prints were from that book. So nice that you can enjoy them everyday.
    I love the ones Paula have too. I think of starting one myself just so someone 100 yrs from now will wonder about me....lol

  9. First of all hello from Canada...secondly thank you so much for coming by and lastly..I LOVE this post,you are sooooo lucky to have a book like that,and I love how you framed them...awesome!! Talk soon,Chrissy

  10. Hello Evi, hope you are well and having a great Fall so far. I love the pressed flower effect in frames, I have been taking cutting for years of my own to see what they do. This past summer I dryed some fushias and they turned out wonderful. I think your treasure'S are awesome and you did a wonderful job in preserving them for years to come. HUGS MARY

  11. Pressing flowers is such a wonderful thing to do. It is nice that your enjoying the pages every day.
    What a delight your blog is.
    Blessings in your week!

  12. I truly enjoyed this!!! I too hope to one day press some of my own flowers and ferns to grace the walls of my home. I just need to make up my mind and do it.
    Thank you so much for sharing,
    God Bless,


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