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Thursday, February 3, 2011


I love rabbits......
although I am not too happy when they
nibble in my garden!

Since it is the Chinese year of the rabbit,
I thought I share some pictures of these sweet
little animals.
These beautiful watercolor pictures are
by the artist Anne Dixon, bought by my hubby for me
at a show we all did together.
She has a wonderful way of capturing the beauty and
spirit of animals in all her paintings.

These oil paintings are in our dining room.
I just love them.
Notice the little rabbit in the flower pot.

Another watercolor.

And a girl can dream!
Of Spring !!!!!
We are all living a horrible Winter with tons of snow
and ice, roofs ready to collapse and bitter cold temperatures.
I am so glad that I took pictures last Summer of all
the rabbits residing in our garden.
They are buried under tons of snow now.
I can't wait to see them again.

Porch rabbits.

Finding shelter.

Bearing gifts.

This little one projects such joy.
Did you ever see a rabbit leap for pure fun?
It makes your heart melt!

A hand crafted stone rabbit I bought
while visiting my friend Paula in CT.

And now some of my beloved rabbits
that have found new wonderful homes.
They are living with people that treasure
these little creatures as much as I do.

Hope there are some of you out there,
that love rabbits too.

It's settled....we are celebrating the
Chinese Lunar New Year with a wonderful
lunch from our favorite restaurant.

I wish you all prosperity and
happiness in this new year.

God bless,


  1. Dear Evi,-
    what a wonderfull collection of rabbits, you have- love the paintings.
    To think all is burried in snow, makes me so wish for thaw weather, for you.
    I love all your rabbits,-but your handmade, are the most beautifull,Evi- so perfect and so many detaiels-they are gorgeus-

  2. I think you may have a touch of bunny fever....

    Take two daffodils and leap for fun....


  3. Oh...you really do love rabbits and you have a wonderful collection. I really love your paintings and I adore the outdoor bunnies {not the real kind that eat the garden!!}.

    Enjoy your lunch and stay warm!


  4. Hi Evi,
    The rabbits you make are so glorious! And I love your collection at home...especially the water color of 2 sweet ones. We have live rabbits here (by the dozens) and I, too, love the little creatures. I have rabbit figures in the house and in the yard. Here's to the year of the Rabbit!

  5. You never stop amazing me with your dolls. That red and white one is stunning. You may be surprised but I may be redecorating my guest/sewing room in red and white....woo hoo! a little od to Evi room..haha
    Stay warm and safe! this winter is a doosey!

  6. Oh Evi all these rabbits have hopped right off the screen and into our hearts...
    The ones you have created are like little rabbit lasses with their sheep, parasols and other fashion items. Just so cute.
    Stay warm my dear and think Spring!
    Susan x

  7. I love rabbits too, I have three of my own in the backyard, and lots of 'others'...in the garden too, my home has lots of rabbit inspired decorating and I also make rabbits to sell also on my website..'Enchanted Things"..
    Some people love chickens, etc...my THING is rabbits........xx

  8. Wonderful bunnies, thanks for sharing!

  9. hi evi,
    deine hasen sind schön. stehen die alle in deinem garten...??? die gemälde sind traumhaft!
    hast du die gemalt??
    aber besonders gefallen mit deine handgemachten
    hasen! die sind SO schön!!!! einmalig !!! wunderbar!
    liebe grüsse aus österreich

  10. Hi Evi, here is the year to the rabbits. I have always loved rabbits, I have a lot of concrete ones thru out my yard.................and many, many of them x-stitched........I was a counted cross stitcher b/4 getting into quilting. I have them hung up in my sewing room. I love your cast iron ones alot. Glad to hear from you. HUGS MARY

  11. I am really looking forward to getting my own collection of rabbits out but I'm waiting until after St. Patrick's Day. I really love the outside "shelter" for your rabbits. - Amy

  12. Your rabbits are my favorites!
    And I am so lucky to have two!
    Can't wait to see you Tuesday!

  13. Hi, what a lovley blog you have and the rabbits are gorgeous.
    I found you through Vérène in Switzerland.
    The interior of your house is beautiful. Especially do I like your dining room.
    The dolls you make of course.
    There is a woman I know in the Netherlands who also make lovely dolls.
    Her blog is: http://marijkevanooijen.blogspot.com

    Love Eva Agnes

  14. How beautiful, Evi! I love your creativity and sense of togetherness in all this. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Hi Evi, I'm over from Carole who mentioned that she missed a wonderful lunch at your place. It's nice to meet you and after reading your profile, I guess I can write in German just as well :-). Deine Hasenkreationen sind ganz entzueckend und die gusseisernen Hasen gefallen mir auch sehr gut.
    Ein schoenes Wochenende und viele Gruesse von der Ostsee

  16. hi evi,
    bitte schau mal auf meinen blog, da ist was hinterlegt für dich zum abholen!!
    liebe grüsse aus österreich

  17. Evi, I'm late arriving to this post, but I'm one who loves rabbits and celebrating Chinese New Year. Your rabbits are all dear, but the ones you made are especially so. Too cute for words.
    Hope you are feeling better! ~ Sarah

  18. Hello Evi -- I just discovered your wonderful blog and I must say, your dolls are just incredible! I used to make dolls and I know how much hard work goes into them! Yours are so precious! These bunnies must bring such joy to their new owners! I'm off to wander through more of your lovely blog and shop! I have added your blog to my list of favorite blogs.


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