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Friday, January 21, 2011


Today I am taking you to my dear friend Debbie's house,
that she shares with her husband.
We live in the same small town and have been friends
for many, many years.
There is hardly a day, that we do not talk to each other.
We watched our children grow up,
shared good and bad times, and as things around us change,
one thing remains constant,
we are best friends!

Because I had not been feeling well for some time,
and we did not do our usual Christmas visit,
she has kept Christmas in her home
for awhile longer just for me.
How sweet is that!
So yesterday, camera in hand, I made my belated visit.
The last two pictures are of the living room.
This is part of the original house and reminds
me of a French home.
Debbie and her hubby remodeled their home twice
with much thought, love and care.

What was once a garage became a wonderful
dining room, where we all have shared
exquisite meals prepared by Debbie.
She is an excellent cook and baker.
Everything is presented with style, like it
jumped out of the pages of a cook book and
tastes equally delicious.
I love the chandelier with all the different
shades...what a neat idea!

Pretty collections in an antique hutch.

Love this clever idea for a cupboard
door that want stay closed.

This is one of the prettiest cloches I have seen.
Debbie has an artistic eye and finds the most beautiful
and unusual items for her home.

The top of an old cupboard holds quite
a cake pedestal collection

This birdcage is to die for...and she got it recently
for a bargain price.
What a lucky girl !!!

Another view of the dining room

This is a wonderful antique bench with it's
original paint.
We played around with fabrics yesterday and
have come up with a burlap type fabric and trim.
It will look gorgeous.

Books without covers are all the rage right now.
Well, Debbie made her own stacks,
using old books.
Another job well done.

This is the sun room and part of an earlier addition.
The house has a beautiful flow and tons of light.

This trunk had been hidden away in the basement.
It looks fabulous in the sun room.

A great set of keys on the trunk!

An addition of the family room and an extended
and new kitchen were the last remodeling projects.
I love, love this room!
So much light and charm!
It is here that you can let your hair down,
listen to music and watch TV....and it is great
for entertaining too, since all the rooms
connect so well.

And this is literally the heart of the home...
it is in the center of the house and here is where we
often sit and chat, taste the newest cookies or have
a quick luncheon, presented with flair.
Everyone loves to gather in this kitchen.

This is truly a great old bread box...so much charm.

Another view of the kitchen which looks also into the
sun room.
All the appliances are behind me...all conveniently
put together.

This rack is such a great idea. What an easy access
to your favorite magazine.

And because I have talked about how talented my
friend is, I thought I show you one of the gifts
she made us for Christmas. Just look at the tag.....

and then at the beautiful meringue mushrooms she made.
That's my friend Debbie.....
love having you in my life, my friend!
I hope you all enjoyed this little visit.
God bless,


  1. Such an inviting and beautiful home. You can tell by looking at both of your homes that you encourage and nurture each other's ideas.

    Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better.



  2. Evi, that is so sweet that she kept Christmas out just for you......how I would love to share a Christmas with my new delightful friend!
    It has been a rough month for you, not feeling well....you must be doing better if you are managing to get out....that is nice to hear and thank you for sharing the photos.....your friend has a wonderful home with lots of lovely special things!!!

  3. Evi, sorry to hear you haven't felt well. I hope you are better now.
    Debbie's home is charming. I could move right in. I love all the light and the freshness of her home. Please let her know how delightful it was to get to visit. ~ Sarah

  4. Hi Evi,
    You took wonderful pictures of Debbie's gorgeous home. She has such style and is so talented...
    her home truly reflects the artist that she is.
    Hope to see you both in February!
    Love, Laura

  5. Thaks for sharing the wonderful photo's of your friends home. It was very thoughful she left Christmas up for you....I am glad you are feeling much better. Take care Evi. HUGS MARY

  6. What an amazingly beautiful home,the dining room table and chairs made my heart flutter...but every room is beautiful.It was so nice of her to leave Christmas up for you...that's a true friend,Hope your health is on the mend.

  7. dire che è magnificaa e poco sono rimasta senza paole
    quesa e la casa dei miei sogni. quando si potrà avverare............mai o presto ...............
    un bacio silvia

    magnificaa and say it's just I was not Paole
    question is the home of my dreams. When it will come true soon or ever ............ ...............
    kiss silvia

  8. liebe evi,
    was für ein schönes heim! sehr, sehr geschmackvoll eingereichtet!!! aber deine fotos die du gemacht hast sind ebenso toll.du hast das ganze wunderbar in szene gesetzt. es ist eine freude, deine bilder, deinen blog anzusehen! vielen dank!
    herzliche grüsse aus österreich

  9. Your friend has such a beautiful and elegant home Evi.
    The endearing fact that she kept her home in a Christmas decorated realm for you to share until you felt better just shows that the friendship is deep and loving.
    Thank you so much for sharing this intimate tour.
    Susan x

  10. What a lovely house, so bright and airy.
    What a good friend to keep some of the joy of Christmas for you to share.
    I love everything in the house. Thank you for the visit.

    Love to you from France.
    Diane .x

  11. To have a room where a baby grand sits comfortably would be heaven on earth. Her home is beautiful and warm so she must be too.

  12. I could move right in and take over Debbie's life! What a beautiful and inspiring post, Evi. The warmth and inviting details of this home are beyond lovely. The thought and careful attention to so many details make this such a down-to-earth, yet oh so elegant home. I would love to know the name of the granite she used in her kitchen. Thank you to both you and Debbie for sharing!

  13. Oh Evi I came by last night just as I was rushing out the door to catch a movie. I couldn't wait to come back and get a better look. It's just as lovely as you said it was. Being friends for so long you both have developed the same tastes in exquisite pieces. George is dying to get a baby grand but we have no room for it but I might consider it if I could put a cool parasol on it like that. Now the parasol I HAVE!!! haha
    And omg her kitchen is to die for...
    Ok I'm officially jealous!! lol

    Love ya and hope you're feeling better!

  14. What a lovely and charming home. She really knows how to put it all together.So very sweet of her to leave Christmas up for you....that is a true friend!

  15. Steppchen from the 5 Leos who love youJanuary 27, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    OMG, Debbies home is sooo incredible beautiful. It is so lovely decorated - it makes me feel instantly comfortable. Debbie used all those amazing treasures to decorate - the chandelier with the different shades, the old bread box, the marvelous trunk, all those cloches, ... - fantastic!!! All that light makes everything even more breathtaking. I can't decide which room I love the most - they are all so magnificent. The wonderful kitchen inspires to bake delicious cookies or try to cook a new recipe :) Thank you so much for those terrific photos of that splendid home.
    Many hugs and kisses from Germany
    your Steppchen

  16. Liebe Evi,
    das Haus deiner Freundin ist so ein wundervoller Ort - ich kann mir gut vorstellen, wie wohl du dich dort fühlst!!! Alles ist mit so viel Liebe gestaltet - allein schon die Küche ist ein absoluter Traum!!! Ich hoffe sehr, es geht dir gut?!! Bei uns ist es noch sehr kalt und winterlich, es liegt Schnee - aber zum Wochenende soll es deutlich milder werden.....bin gespannt!! Allerliebste Grüße aus Bayern und ein himmlisches Wochenende,

    herzlichst Jade

  17. Debbie's house is GORGEOUS! I was drooling over every picture! Thank you so much for sharing!


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