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Friday, August 5, 2011


Hubby and I decided that it was time to have some fun.

We live in a scenic area on the beautiful Hudson River.
Not too far from us is a diners paradise, and what is
nicer than to sit in the shade at a great restaurant.

Before we had our delicious lunch, we strolled around
and enjoyed the scenery.

You can take a little cruise on this boat up the Hudson.
We will try that another time.

I love all the ducks. They seem very happy here.

It looks funny to see things growing out
of these pilings.

It was not easy to pick the restaurant with so much to choose.
We made a great choice and enjoyed a wonderful meal.

The sight of the boats was so relaxing.
We just kept watching the goings-on on the river.
On the weekend it is very crowded and you don't have time
to enjoy it all.

So the weekday prooved perfect.

It was fun to see all the boats go by on
this very hot day.

Right at this moment I could have been happy to own
any of theses boats.

A girl can dream........

These ducks had the right idea......just chill out!

She ....... or maybe he....... looks content.......
just like us two birds.

After lunch we looked at some of these lovely murals.
They looked so real....it felt es if you could touch the people.

Whoever painted these, did a wonderful job.
So much detail.

Hope you had fun coming along.

God bless,


  1. A perfect way to celebrate!
    So glad you had a lovely day...the photos are beautiful! :)

  2. Yes of course I had fun coming along. I like to dream too....not of owning a boat but actually going somewhere....haha
    One of these days.


  3. Evi,

    It all looks so refreshing..a dream for this hot desert gal....

  4. What a beautiful day for you and your hubby, good food, good weather, and each other. Hugs Mary

  5. hi evi,
    das sind ja wunderschöne aufnahmen die du da zeigst. vielen dank. da bekomm' ich gleich fernweh. solche wunderschönen "murals" habe ich in winnipeg (ca) gesehen. die haben sehr viele davon und ich habe fals alle fotografiert.
    einen wunderschönen tag wüscnhe ich dir,
    alles liebe

  6. Dear Evi, that was a dream day, you had with your husbond...such beautiful place, and then also having a lovely dinner there,--- I know how relaxing it is looking at the sea, and boats sailing or quietly laying there- and feels blessed having it just outside my dor.
    Thankyou for taking me with you, on this beautiful day-trip-

  7. Looks like you two had a great day! That mural is just wonderful. Love eating on the water and watching the traffic go by. So glad you "got away" and had fun.

  8. Was für ein wundervoller Ort, liebste Evi, ich liebe es auch sehr, am Wasser zu sein, es hat immer so etwas herrliche Entspannendes!!!! Ist es bei euch immer noch so feucht-warm? Meine Liebsten sind ja seit gestern in New York, bin gespannt (und aufgeregt), wie es ihnen ergehen wird, wie der lange Flug war!!! Bei uns blinzelt gerade die Sonne durch die dicken Wolken!!! Ich wünsch dir ein himmlisches Wochenende und schick dir gaaaanz liebe Grüße,

    bis bald, herzlichst Jade


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